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Thrift Blog: June-July 2014

Aloha!  Hawaii is most definitely the common theme of this thrift blog as about 80% of the items in this blog I found in Oahu, Hawaii while on my honeymoon.  Dave and I were a little weary about the thrift shopping possibilities having been told by a few people that it's hard to find good vintage, but we didn't seem to have that problem.  Let's dive in, shall we.

I have been wanting one of these Cowichan styled sweaters for a few years now after being obsessed with the one being worn by Marilyn Monroe in the picture below taken at the beach.

I see listings for these all the time on eBay for $30 and up, usually being advertised as a "Big Lebowski" styled sweater for a Halloween costume.  These sweaters have so much more history to them other than being a prop in a movie.  Please check out Lisa's blog entry, of My Pretty Baby Cried She Was A Bird, here if you would like to learn more about these sweaters.  I am guilty of buying a "fast fashion" version of this sweater at a Forever 21 store this last Christmas as my eBaying luck was just not in my favor for my search of one of these beauties; that is until I went to Hawaii.  I came across this "Richman" brand sweater below at a Salvation Army in Kailua, HI for a whopping $7.  I was so excited and proud of this find.  It fits so comfortably and is now one of my favorite go to sweaters.

I came across this vintage Asian inspired coat.  I love to pair these up with a good pair of skinny jeans and heels or simply use as a cover up or coat over a black dress.

Below are my "Aloha Shirt" finds.  The blue one in the back is actually an "American Graffiti", the movie, pattern.  I love this having come from the central valley and having cruised down McHenry Avenue as portrayed in the film.  The middle shirt is a Hilo Hattie brand shirt which I bought for $3.  Most of the shirts at the actual Hilo Hattie store sold for $20 or more so this was a good find.  The black top was purchased at Bailey's Antiques and Aloha Shirts store located in Waikiki.  This store is a must visit if you are on the prowl for that perfect true vintage aloha shirt.

Below is my purchase from the store Avanti, located in Waikiki Beach.  This store has some of the best vintage Hawaiian reproduction shirts from the 1930's through the 1960's that Dave and I have ever come across.  If only they made some Shaheen styled wrap reproduction dresses. The store manager was very friendly and loved Dave and my embrace of the vintage Hawaiian styles.  I picked out this awesome aloha cowboy themed shirt. Dave also picked out a shirt (sorry no photo) which he is really happy with.  Be sure to check out their website here if you are interested in owning one for yourself.  They have a ton of frequent celebrity shoppers such as Bruno Mars.

I found this very cute sparkle cream colored Made in Hong Kong top on our first day of thrift store shopping.  This and the next item were the only two vintage clothing pieces I purchased on the trip.

This was sadly my only barkcloth find and it doesn't fit me.  I ended up gifting it to my friend Rosalynn who it fits perfectly.  I'm happy I was able to find it a good home as Rosalynn loves the dress and she looks killer in it.

I originally purchased a similar "hula" skirt at Hilo Hattie's for what I realized later on was a ridiculous price as I soon found one for almost 80% less at a nearby thrift store.  I was quick to return the other one back to Hilo Hattie. 

Below are my mug purchases from the trip.  The one on the far left is from La Mariana Sailing Club which happens  to be one of the last original "Tiki" relic's left on the island.  The tiki mug in the middle is from Tikis' Bar and Grill which is located in Waikiki beach.  The decor was cool, including some Shag prints and one that I was sure was an actual painting, but it definitely had that "sports bar" feeling which Dave and I are honestly not the biggest fans of.  The drinks were yummy regardless.  The bamboo styled mug was a thrift store purchase.

These nifty frosted fruit themed glasses were a steal at 50 cents a piece!

I couldn't believe that I came across these two vintage ashtrays from Marine World and Disneyland Hotel in Hawaii of all places.  I'm guessing they were from someones collection from a trip to California.  These were just 99 cents a piece. (sorry the photo is tiled; I couldn't get it to upload correctly)

I couldn't pass on this handmade clam shell shaped chip n' dip.  It was probably this hardest item to pack but knew it had to come home with me.

I love this vintage made in Japan clam with pearl shaped dish as well.  I'm not sure what it was specifically intended for (possible ashtray, candy dish, or soap dish) but I plan to use it as a jewelry display dish.

Dave really liked this dish tray holder and insisted we bring it home.

I found it really hard to pass up on the vintage Las Vegas change dish as well.

This NOS souvenir set is the best of them all.  I actually already have this tray but I didn't realize they originally came with matching cup coasters!!!

This "carved in Fiji" tiki was a score for 99 cents as well.  (seriously we found some awesome stuff for cheap just in the thrift stores alone!)

If you go to Hawaii, and have the intention at some point of purchasing flowers for your hair, don't forget to check out the thrift stores first.  These were the beauties I found at a local Savers store in Honolulu.

I love finding vintage Bermuda bags.  I also found this at the Kailua Salvation Army store.

This beaded handbag is not vintage but how could you pass up on that native village print!  This will certainly be used at Tiki Oasis this year.

I came across some Japanese items at several of the thrift stores as Hawaii is so close to Japan and a lot of their goodies end up on the island; hence this awesome kitty bank.

One of my previous obsessions growing up, as most girls, was Barbie!  I used to have a wide selection of barbies, outfits, and accessories including the silver and pink corvettes and three store condo with elevator.  Years ago my sister and I sold all of our Barbie toys, with the encouragement of my dad, to three little girls that lived around the corner from us at a yard sale we had for I think just $15 for it all.  (sigh.....palm to face).  I get so upset when I think about it now as our collection included clothes my mom hand made for her Barbies in the1960's as well as a customized wedding dress my grandma had made me for my Barbie that was a Princess Diana wedding dress knock off.  The hoarder inside is screaming "Why the HELL did you get rid of your Barbies!!!".  Well the truth was that we saw that the younger girls would take care of them and enjoy playing with them as we had.  Anyways, I came across this book of  published pictures and descriptions of "Billy Boy's" personal collection.  It's quite fun to flip through and spot this things I used to own.  (once again sigh......palm to face)

One of my suggestions for when you ever go on a vacation is to wait to purchase any local souvenir items until you have checked to see if a thrift store carries them first.  My oven mitt and hot plate holders were found at the local Savers thrift store.

Below is an accumulation of all of my jewelry finds in Oahu, Hawaii.  The first two bangles in the row are Bakelite!  The second Bakelite bangle and the hula dancer charm were purchased at the Tin Can Mail Man shop located in downtown Honolulu.  I recommend this store to anyone seeking the finest of the finest Hawaiiana vintage.  Chris, one of the shop owners, was so friendly and we ended up talking "tiki" and about various vintage Hawaii history for more than an hour!  The elephant broach was actually purchased here in San Diego a few weeks back.

I purchased this excellent vintage Hawaii themed scarf here in San Diego a week after we returned from our honeymoon in Hawaii.  

This beautiful blue sheer dress what purchased here in San Diego.  I've tried it on with a white and black slip dress but it just doesn't look right.  Any other suggestions on how to wear it?

My last find for the past two months is this awesome vintage Los Angeles souvenir plate. I see these plates for other places all the time but this was my first time coming across a Los Angeles Hollywood themed one.  All it's missing is Disneyland!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

June 14, 2014: Our Wedding Day

Where has the time gone??  Seriously!  The wedding day was, as many past brides have told me, a complete blur of love.  It was not as chaotic as I had imagined it might be and i didn't get any butterflies in my tummy in preparing the morning of like I'd expected I would. I was so fortunate to have Cherry of Cherrydollface YouTube channel do mine and my bridesmaids hair and Nikki Napalm did our beautiful make up.  These girls really know how to make you look and feel special.

The morning of the wedding myself and the bridesmaids got ready at my home.  It was actually a nice relaxing morning.  The only upsets we had was that the AC broke the night before but luckily the weather was perfect and we got along just well without it.  I'm still waiting to sort out a few more details until we recieve our official wedding photos from our photographer so all of the pictures in this blog are from friends and family.  I love social media.  I seriously don't know how people planned a wedding before the Internet.  Below is a picture of me posing in my very beautiful wedding dress which was gifted to me by a dear friend Lisa's Mom.  I actually found the pattern years ago on Ebay.  When it came time to start thinking about a dress, I knew I already had the perfect pattern.  She did such a wonderful job and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome.  It was elegant and so comfortable!

The bridal party was driven over to the venue in a fabulous 1950 Ford shoebox, or shinebox as our friend and owner likes to call it, by Dave's friend and best man Paul.

It was quite funny because the cars going by were reacting to us as we were driving by.  We got a ton of car horn honks and "Congratulations" shout outs as we drove to the venue.  One passerby even congratulated Paul thinking he was the groom.  He told them "Thanks, this will be my fifth marriage!".  Oh Paul!!!

We had our mini car show in the parking lot of our venue at Tango Del Rey located in San Diego, CA.

My first view of Dave and the venue all decorated were at the same time.  My friend Rosalynn did such a wonderful job of orchestrating all the flowers and table settings.  My friend Lindsay did an excellent job of coordinating the day making sure we were on schedule.  

I was so honored to have my dad walk me down the aisle as he has been a huge example of the man I had hoped to find and marry and have by my side.  Dave sure does match up pretty equally to him if I do say so myself.

During our ceremony we used a huppa which was actually used in our friend's Devin and Darlene's wedding last summer.  It is a Jewish tradition to symbolize the two houses of love joining as one.  Neither one of us are Jewish but we really liked the symbolic notion and decided to include it in the ceremony . My mom and dad held up my side and Dave's mom and sister held up his side.  

After the ceremony we took family photos and had a small chance to greet guests.  

We had our grand entrance to get the party started.

A few weeks before the wedding I had been attending practice with the band Fanny and the Atta' Boys as they were planning on performing at our wedding.  They gave me the awesome opportunity to sing for my new husband!  I sang "I Love you Honey" and "Today, Tomorrow, and Forever" both covers by Patsy Cline.

We dove right into the toasts next.  This is the selfie my sister took with her iPad as a part of her wedding toast.

Dave and I danced our first dance to "These Foolish Things" by Sam Cooke.

I then did the father daughter dance to the song "Warmth of the Sun" by The Beach Boys.

We did all the traditional things including cutting of the cake (no make up or clothes were ruined in the process), the flower toss and the garter toss as well.  We even threw in the limbo and the chicken dance. The cake was so good!!!

After the cake cutting I changed into a dress I came across at Unique Vintage.  It was for a really affordable price and I couldn't pass it up.  I also wore flowers made and gifted to me by my dear friend Angie and wore pearls that belonged to my great Aunt Lucille.  I then proceeded to lead the ladies, with help from my friend Tiffany, in the ladies stroll.  It was so much fun!

I feel like there is so much more I could write about but I feel like that could become a novel.  It was truly a wonderful, beautiful, loving day!  Dave and I are truly blessed to have all the friends and family in our life right now and were so grateful for their show of love and support on our big day.  I leave you with our photobooth pictures from the day.

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P.S. I finally have a smart phone!!  Which means I have an instagram account.  Come follow me at thesweetiesuz. Honeymoon photos from Hawaii and a thrift blog to follow soon.