Friday, August 23, 2013

Thrift Blog: July 2013 Part 2

As mentioned in my previous blog I needed to break the July thrift blog into two parts as I found so much that month.  Let's dive in shall we!

I was pretty sure at the first sight of this bangle that it was Bakelite.  I purchased it for $2 and was delighted to find, after doing the semi-chrome test, that it is indeed Bakelite.  Sorry for the bad photo.  It's black and about a half inch thick.  I have worn the heck out if it already.

I was so excited to come across this modern Fiestaware set.  I bought all of the bowls and dishes for only $15.  What a steal!  It gave me the proper excuse to donate the 70's styled dishware set I have been using for the past ten years.  They also had matching mugs at the store for $2 a piece but I already have about ten mugs that will go just well with this set.

Cute pink ceramic poodle to add to my vanity.  I came across one of these recently but it was broken.  I found this one in Stockton, CA in excellent condition.

I found this U.S. nickel decorated leather belt in Turlock, CA.  It's newer and I spotted an original price tag on the back for $51.50.  I think I paid $2 for the belt.

Here is a mosh posh of things including the only tiki mug I came across (in thrift store at least) on our trip.  I now have the "See No Evil", and "Hear No Evil" mugs.  I just need the "Speak No Evil" to complete the set.  I couldn't pass on the Tom and Jerry milk glass mug and my soon to be sister in-law Debbie spotted the cute milk glass creamer to add to my ever growing collection.

This is a beautiful ice bucket and cup set that Debbie purchased for Dave and I, at a thrift store of course.

I believe that these are personal cigarette ash trays.  They are too small to be cup holders and believe that they are from the late fifties to early sixties.  Again, Debbie spotted these first.

This cute iron baby mermaid was my souvenir from Bravo Farms.  I believe it can be used to hold a door open.

I know I have way too many of these pineapple monkey pod dishes but they are too cute to pass on.

I found a set of these Cuba maracas pin sets at an antiques store in Medford, OR.  I bought one for myself and sent the other to Janey at Atomic Redhead to add to her vintage Latin collection.  She featured it in her blog here.  So happy she liked it!

Yes, I found more purses.  I think the Peruvian Bermuda handbag is my favorite out of the three. The black velvet bag is of the "After Five" label.

More books!  The book by Rosalind Russell "Life is A Banquet" is the next on my reading list after I finish reading "Million Dollar Mermaid" (autobiography by Esther Williams).  These were all very cheap good finds.

This is a lovely Norman Rockwell plate my grandma sent Dave and I.  She said it reminded her of the two of us.  Too cute.  I'm trying to figure out a way to use it at my wedding reception.  Any suggestions?

One of my childhood obsessions was an adoration I had for Princess Diana.  I had three Tom Tierney paper doll books that I looked at over and over again that featured many of her beautiful ball gowns.  I chose never to cut them because I thought the drawings were too beautiful and I was afraid I would ruin them.  I came across these three, by Tom Tierney, at a thrift store in Etna and couldn't pass them up.

I thrifted this moai tiki Kleenex box cover in Medford, OR.  It's just amazingly awesome.

Not sure what do do with this made in Japan Nashville ceramic plate but knew I wasn't leaving the store without it.  I think I picked it up in Redding, CA.

I used to collect these oil lamps when I was high school.  I think I slowly gave some of them away over the years but loved this color and thought it would be a perfect accent next to my newly upholstered chair in the living room.

And last but not least, our prized find for the trip.  A matador versus a bull, black velvet painting with florescent paint accents.  The carved frame alone was reason enough to buy it.  

Here it is at its present perch.

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Thrift Blog: July 2013 Part 1

Well, last month was not meant to be such a fruitful month but you never know how it's going to go with thrift shopping.  We had our trip up north stopping at various thrift stores as well as the rest of the month.  I broke July's thrift blog into two separate posts as I had enough to do one entirely on the clothes I found and the second for non-clothing items. Let's get to it shall we.  Also props to my friend Rosalynn for letting me borrow her dress form for these pictures.

The first dress is a full on house dress.  I loved the threaded detailing on the front and thought it would be wearable simply by adding a belt.

Next up is a yellow linen jumpsuit.  I plan on saving this for the honeymoon to Hawaii next year.  It will make for a great swimsuit cover up. 

I had the extremely amazing fortune of coming across a Pin Up Girl Clothing Couture black velvet dress.  Brand new with the tags intact! I could not believe my luck.  The lady at the store said that sometimes they get companies that will donate stock rather than let it sit if it isn't selling.  I can't wait to wear this beautiful dress!

Here's yet another house dress.  I love the daisy detailing and bright red color.  I'm thinking this may also be another nice honeymoon outfit.

I found this Hilo Hattie at a shop in my hometown.  It was a good score, considering how much Hilo Hattie shirts normally go for in the stores.  I wore it to a recent Secret Samurai (fantastic surf rock) show in town.  I simply didn't button the bottom three and tied it for that pinup tiki look.  Sorry I don't have a picture of me wearing it to share.

I found this cute two piece nightie set.  I wasn't sure if it was vintage as there were no apparent tags intact but then I found a matching set (but blue) at Playclothes in Burbank, CA recently.

I found this beauty at a thrift store in Redding, CA.  I love the blue color, and the parrots, and the rainbows, and Diamond Head in the distance!  I think I may plan on wearing this to Tiki Day this year!  

Speaking of Tiki Day we are now just weeks away.  Less than five weeks to be exact!!  I hope to see some of you there this year.

I come across a lot of these Mexican styled tops.  I think they used to be used in restaurants a lot.  I usually find white tops but never blue.

I found this cute 70's lavender koi fish dress in Stockton, CA.  It will require a full body slip as it's pretty see through but I fell in love with the print and could look past that.

This is a 90's lurex dress and I plan on having it altered and turning it into something completely different.  I just loved the copper hue.

I found this 70's lurex top in Stockton, CA as well.  I thought this would be too cute coupled with a pair of high waist-ed black pants and some killer heels.

I found this vintage cowgirl top in Etna, CA.  It is in perfect condition.  It's a small so sadly it will not fit.  I do however plan on adding it to my store.

There was no way I could pass on this beauty of an apron.  I have such a weakness for the chiffon ones.

July thrift blog part two to come soon as well as my weekends highlights at Tiki Oasis!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Northern California Road Trip

About a month back, Dave and I took a road trip up north to visit family in Northern California.  It was very similar to our road trip back in October, just really stinkin' hot heat!  (as seen below)

This time around we drove by way of a rental car and will do so moving forward in the future.  I think that in the long run if you are going to take a long road trip it's better to put all the wear and tear on a rental versus your own car.  Our first stop along the way was when we stopped for lunch at Bravo Farms off the 99 freeway just outside of Visalia.  I have passed this place on so many occasions and have always thought to myself that I should stop there someday.  Well today was the day.  It is primarily a gas station with restaurant and antiques store.  Everything was pricey but it was a nice pit stop on the way.

Here's Dave on his way into their seven story tree house.

They had so many wonderful antique metal signs all over the place.

This was my favorite part of their store.  I stood drooling at these wonderful pieces before Dave was able to peel me away before I justified paying way to much for one of these items.  Jadeite!!

We then hit the road again, stopping in Ripon at the Ripon Roadhouse for dinner with some much needed cold refreshments.  We ended the day at Dave's sister's place in Stockton, CA.  We had a lovely visit with her, thrift store shopped our hearts out, BBQ'd and cooled off in a pool with some of her lovely friends, and relaxed up before heading onto my parent's house.

These sunflower fields were gorgeous.  The picture doesn't do them justice.

Mt. Shasta peeking its head up in the distance.

We had a nice relaxing visit with my folks which included a visit with my two favorite doggies in the world.  Kelly Kapowski and Zach Morris.  My parent's had granddogger duty while my sister was out of town.  Here's Kelly taking a nap on my lap.

We did a lot while we were there, slept in, had some amazing meals with my folks provided by my mom, soaked in their hot tub with a fantastic view below, went for hikes on their property, went for ATV rides, had a Mad Men marathon, went antiques shopping, attended a summer in the park concert, had a day trip to Ashland, OR, and just relaxed in general.  I was able to finish reading a book while I was there on top of everything.  I didn't take a ton of pictures and I think that's because I was truly relaxed on this trip.  This will be our last big trip before our honeymoon next year!

Of course I found some amazing buys on the trip and will be sharing my July thrift blogs soon.

Till' Next Time,