Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Finds

This was another fantastic weekend for finds.  Dave and I ventured out thrifting Friday and Sunday afternoons and I hit up an Estate sale located in La Jolla early Sunday morning. Below are my finds.

The first are glasses and a cute Bennihana kitty mug I picked up at Good Will.  We went to the one located in East Village which neither of us had checked out before.  I really liked their parking availability considering their downtown location. 

I love the starburst designs on these juice glasses and was conviced with the buy not only by the $0.99 price tag but by the fact that they are Anchor Hocking brand glasses.

I'm doubtful this glass is vintage but I loved the cherry designs on the side.  One of my most commonly used glasses at home has a strawberry design so I guess I thought these would compliment each other.

The kitty bennihana mug was a no brainer, especially at $1.95 price tag.  I have it propertly positioned facing my door for good luck.

I have a collection of monkey pod and teak wood animal figures and this smiling whale was not one to pass on.  It even had the sticker intact.

I instantly feel in love with these two Hawaiian pinapple wall hangings.  These would be fantastic to use on his and hers bathroom doors for a Tiki bar someday (one of  my many dream business ventures) but for the time being they look great aside my Tiki mug collection.

Is it even possible to pass on purple and pink plaid?  Great circle skirt find.

The following are my finds from the La Jolla Estate sale.  Various scarfs and lace tablecloth.

 I purchased this vintage 50's Halloween children's book as I love to collect vintage Halloween items and for $0.50 it was a steal.
 I am was so excited to find these black velvet gloves.  They are in excellent condition and the best part, they fit my hands!!  I come across some pretty gorgeous gloves but have the continuing problem of my hands been too big.

 I purchased these four beautiful costume jewelry necklaces at the bargain deal of just $2.00 for them all. 

I think the Pendleton was my best find for just $5!!!  It's in great shape and has no holes or signs of moth invasion. 

I bought Dave the brown samsonite suitcase for just $10.00.  He was truly happy as it's in great shape inside and out.  The other two I found at the AmVets located in Chula Vista.  I now have a set of three as these two match one i purchased from a neighbor a couple weeks back.

 This is my star find for the weekend.  It is my very first Jadeite thrift store find.  I have purchased Jadeite before at antique stores but have never thrifted one.  I believe it is a sugar bowl.  I supposed I need to find the lid now :)
 Tiki wall hanging. 

Dave bought me the two albums on the left; Hula Blues and Johnny Cash.  I purchased the Stray Cats album at the estate sale.  Great additions to my ever growing collection of vinyl.

Well that's all for now. 

Till' next time,


Elvis and the Tiki Pool Party

Yet another fun eventful weekend behind me.  I took some time recently to update and personalize my blog.  I'm very happy with the adjustments if I do say so.  My neighbor, and fellow blogger (Modern Love Vintage, check her out!), took a walk over to Balboa park to check out "Twilight in the Park" on Tuesday night. It takes place all summer every Tuesday through Thursday nights starting at 6:15p and ending at 7:15p.

We were delighted to check out "Graceland: An Elvis Tribute". 

It was nice to get a good walk in and have a light at the end of the tunnel; Elvis!  He was a good Elvis impersonator and we even got to witness him propose to his girlfriend on stage.  

We definitely plan on going back this week as we found out Wednesday night will be a Motown tribute band!!!

Saturday me and two girlfriends attended the Cuties for a Cause Tiki Pool Party at the Lafayette Hotel.  We had a blast!  The Cuties for a Cause are a group of lovely ladies who organize and host various events around San Diego each with a charitable organization choosen to benefit from each event.  This event benefited the ArtHatch's Teen Program.  They are amazing and I admire the work they do for our community. 

We got there a little early as to scope out some good seats and we were definitely glad we did so as the pool lounge chairs filled up fast!  The soundtrack for the day was The Combos, Lighting Flash, Secret Samurai (one of my many local favorites), and Zombie Surf Camp.

I wore my vintage one piece with torpedo cup bathing suite (circa 60's), which i purchased last fall at Frock You.  It is such a fun suit to wear and they just don't make them like this anymore.

They had a raffle as part of their event and I was super lucky to walk away with not just one  but two prizes. 

The first prize I won is dinner for two at Imig's Kitchen which is located at the Lafayette Hotel.  The second prize won is this lovely semi-nude tropical pin up apron made by Alyce Lee's Rockin' Aprons.  So cute!

I will be putting this apron to good use when I atempt to make my honey some dinner tonight.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I will be posting a blog with my vintage finds from the weekend soon.

Till' next time,


Monday, June 18, 2012

Koby Swap Meet

I had a successful yard sale this last Saturday.  Everything that didn't sell I donated to Good Will.  It feels good to feel a little lighter in my place but it's hard to truly see where I lightened up.  Sunday morning Dave and I went to the Koby Swap Meet here in San Diego.  It occurs weekly every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We have been wanting to go together for months but Dave's work schedule has kept us from going.  He finally caught a break and had Sunday morning free.  We both scored big and found some great items.

My first find was this vintage western genuine leather purse.  There is a stamp on the side that says Mexico.  I'm not sure exactly how to date it but Dave thought it was either from the 60's or 70's based on the zipper. The strap is broken but is an easy fix.  I spent $20 on it.

I love my second find.  I paid just $4 for a set of six turquoise blue Melmac cups (from 1940's-1960's).  Dave has talked about wanting to purchase a vintage trailer and I thought these would make for the perfect cup ware for a vintage trailer someday.

The next two were buys I bargained down the price for.  The first is a risque nut cracker shaped in the form of a busty lady.  My research shows this is from the Philippines.  It gave me a good laugh.  It will be fun to have it out with a bowl of peanuts when hosting my next get together.   The second is a vintage wooden souvenir photo album book from Hawaii with 20 photos intact from a family's vacation there most likely in the 60's.  I was so excited to find this especially with the pictures included.

Dave spotted the next items for me to add to my Mid-Century teak cat collection.  They are too cute!  Good eye Dave!

The following are Dave's finds.  His first find was exactly what he was hoping to find.  A 1940's deco style toaster that, yes, still works!  The handles tested positive for Bakelite as well. 

His next find is this Ice-O-Mat.  It's used to crush ice and will look perfect on his bar.  Still works and even has a wall mount on it in case he wants to hang it in his kitchen.

His last find for the day took a little coaxing on my part to convince him to purchase it.  It's a vintage lighter in the shape of a gun.  It's detailing on the metal is amazing.  I may have to borrow this if I dress up in 1920's style fashion for Halloween.

Above are our pictures of success!  We had a great time hunting and look forward to doing it again soon.

Till' next time,


Thursday, June 14, 2012


This was my third Saturday in a row in Long Beach, CA.  I was joined by Dave,  and my lovely lady friends Natalie and Angie.  We had a blast at Ink and Iron!  There was so much to see and do and we sadly missed a couple shows in order to see other acts at the same time slot.  The day went by way to fast.  Dave and I arrived to at the Queen Mary at around 11:30am and by complete coincidence ran into my friends in the parking structure; in fact I almost ran them over :)  Below are a couple pictures we snapped before heading into the venue.

It was overcast when we first arrived but it soon turned into an amazingly beautiful day.
The Queen Mary is a beautiful ship and I had such a blast cruising around the ship and taking in its beauty.  It had so much Art Deco detailing everywhere.  Dave was in his element pointing out all the deco designs throughout the ship to me. Below are pictures of my favorite Deco detailing. This painting can be found above the bar of the observation  deck.  I love the girl that has fallen and lost her shoe.

Another highlight of the day was coming across the band D.on Darox and the Melody Joy Bakers during an impromptu performance in the hallway of the ship.  They were great and we were lucky enough to catch them on the Tiki stage later that day.

Below are just various pictures from the day.  We got to see Calabrese, Legendary Shack Shakers, Dave Alvin, and support the San Diego Palominos.  There were tons of vendors and just a few vintage merchants.    The second day Dave and I went back for a few hours to do some shopping and enjoy one last walk around the ship.

Dave and I left the event early as to stop into a few thrift stores before heading home to San Diego.  We hit up a Good Will, St. Pauls'. and cute store called The Closet.  Below are my finds.  Dave scored a pair of cream colored fleck pants from the 50's that don't look like they had ever been worn. 

I found this dress at the St. Paul's store.  It's a silk material and I believe it was hand made by looking at the seams and stitching on the inside of the garment.  I loved the pattern.  It fits me perfectly and I can't wait to wear it.

I was so ecstatic about my western wear find.  I love peach color (which always compliments my red hair and fair complexion).  The flowers are too cute and I love the detailing on the back.

I finally found my first circle skirt!  It's a blue gabardine material that has the Union made label inside.  It's a little small but with my shirt pulled over no one can tell the difference. 

Lastly I found these pieces to add to my kitchen.  The colanders are not vintage but are vintage inspired.  I think they are actually from the Martha Stewart line that is sold at Macy's.  The pictures don't do the color justice.  They are a very retro sea foam green.  They replace my crummy plastic one I have been using for years.  The ceramic Peter Pan peanut butter bank caught my eye.  I haven't been able to find anything else like it online which brings me to believe it was hand made.  The label is definitely an old label. 
Well, that's it for now. Till next time!

- Suz