Friday, September 28, 2012

Tiki Day at the Park

Aloha!!! "Tiki Day" at Disneyland was Fantastic!  Dave and I had a blast and I was very happy with all the wonderful people who attended.  It was just an awesome positive bunch of people; some who had even travelled from Texas to be at the park for this event.  So amazing!  We started the day early getting into the resort around 10am which was when the California Adventure park opened.  Dave and  I wanted to have a chance to see the Buena Vista area in daylight and walk through the brand new Cars Land area.  We were both thoroughly impressed despite us both not having seen the movie "Cars" yet. (I've heard nothing but good things about it and fully intend to watch it very soon).  We came back to the park to eat dinner here later in the evening.  Two thumbs up!

Our very first event for the day was the group photo in front of the castle at 1pm.  Lots of fantastic tiki gear.

After the photo we all migrated to take a ride on the Jungle Cruise.

Dave and I about to board the tourist boats.

Tiki peeps loaded boat!

The next meet up was at 3pm to ride the Mark Twain.  Here we are conversing and taking a much needed break in the shade before boarding the boat.

These are my lovely lady friends Natalie and Angie that helped in the planning for the event.

Taken at the front of the Mark Twain just before departure.

Taking in the sights and enjoying the slight breeze.

The next meet up was to experience the Enchanted Tiki Room together.  It was a truly magical moment.  My favorite part was when the crowd roared and cheered once the Tiki's started playing the drums.

The last meet up of the day was to meet for tiki drinks at Trader Sam's which is located in the Disneyland Hotel.  It was an awesome close to an even more awesome day.  I look forward to planning next year's annual event.

Till' Next Time,


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vintage Futon

Last Saturday Dave and I ventured out, once again, to see what vintage goodies we could find.  I was already ridding on adrenaline in anticipation for the "Tiki Day" at Disneyland that I was hosting with my lovely lady friends the following Sunday and needed something to distract me.  What a better distraction then thrifting, of course.  We stopped at few different places but I think this find deserves a blog of its own.

We drove up to the thrift store and I immediately spotted it out in front of the store.  "Look at that couch!!!!" I exclaimed to Dave.  I jumped out of the car before he had even turned the engine off and ran up to examine it closer.  It was a fury of orange, yellows, and brown colors for the cushions and was sitting pretty on a Mid century pegg legged base.  The price tag was $60, which in itself is a steal.  I looked at Dave, looked at the couch, looked at Dave and asked "Should I?" then as we both contemplated where I would put it in my apartement in the first place, we looked off to the side of the couch to see a sign that read "50% off".  That couch was most definitely SOLD!!!  I ran into the store and went straight for the line to purchase my $30.00 mid-century futon. 

There was one lady in line ahead of me so I did my best to wait patiently.  I contemplated whether I should rudely cut into her transaction and let the store clerk know I was going to purchase the couch outside but I thought, no, I could wait a few moments longer.  Just then a woman walks through the door, interrupts them and asks "Do you know if that couch is still for sale outside"....I immediately raise my hand and say "I'm actually in line to purchase that exact couch....sorry".  To think that by a few mere minutes I almost lost my opportunity to buy it!!

I paid for the couch and told the store clerk that we would need to go home to pick my boyfriend's truck in order to get it home as it wouldn't fit in my little Scion.  The clerk said no problem that they would happily hold it for me as I assured her we would be back in less than an hour.

Just then I was approached by the same woman that asked if the couch was still for sale.  She offered to buy the couch off me for $100.  I nicely said, "I'm sorry it's sold".  She tried her best to buy it off me but I wouldn't budge.  Later when we returned to pick up the futon, the store clerk said the same woman offered to give her $150 to buy the couch, even after I had already paid for it.  Crazy right!!

Well after a funny ride home, with me squished up to the front window (don't worry I was still able to get my seat belt on), we got the couch home.  It now sits in my office and will be an excellent spare bed for when I have guests.

This is a picture I took before Dave and I headed to Disneyland for "Tiki Day".  Blog to follow soon!

Till' Next Time,


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fiesta Ware, Siesta Ware and Lounge Wear...oh my!

These are a few of my finds from late August that I have put off blogging about as I have had many fun adventures to blog about ahead of my thrilling finds.

I was so excited to thrift my first set of Fiesta Ware mugs and pitcher.  After scouring the web for hours I found that my finds were however not vintage, but still a good find.  I love the contrasting colors.  The dead give away that the pitcher was not vintage was the indented mark just behind the upper top handle.  If there is no dent, then it's vintage; dent present, it's then newer. Having said this I still am not sure how old it is.  Anyone have some other guidance to help me out?

I also found these Siesta Ware mugs on the same trip.  Again, I'm not sure how old these are but with my best judgement I would place them sometime between the 60's and 70's. 

Dave spotted this the middle kitty to add to my other kitties purchased at the Koby Swap Meet previously.  Now they are a completed family.  Too cute!  Once again, good eye Dave!  It's amazing how well they match.

Couldn't pass on these Kauai wooden monkey pod mugs.  Yet another great addition to my my ever growing Tiki collection.

I couldn't believe how cute this little creamer was.....with feet..... wearing mary janes!!!  I did some research and found out they are from a British line of dishware called Carlton Walking Ware.  My online research shows that these are from the 1973 line.  So cute!!

AmVets was very good to me on this particular shopping trip as I found a "Lounge Wear" dress by JcPenny, a "Home Wear" dress by Sears, and a pretty freaking awesome home made dress made by ?  I anticipate wearing the teal dress next time I host a party.  That dress would truly be incomplete without a cocktail in hand. 

Hope you all are having a great week.  Just four more days until Tiki Day at Disneyland!!  I'm so incredibly excited.  Blog to follow soon!

Till' Next Time,


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Dapper Evening at the Park

Last Friday, after work, Dave and I drove up to Anaheim to attend "A Dapper Evening" at Disneyland.  A Dapper Evening is an unofficial Disney event in which patrons are encouraged to attend the park in "dapper" duds.  It's not centered on a specific time period but more an homage to when park guests would wear their Sunday bests to the park.

I have been looking forward to this event for a while as it was the first time I was able to debut my Great Grandmother's vintage velvet blue pill box hat.  I have had this hat for at least fifteen years but never found an appropriate match for wearing the hat until I stumbled upon a matching blue velvet dress I found at Thrift Trader.  I paid just $4 for the dress.  I wore the velvet black gloves I bought at an estate sale months back, my Great Aunt's pearls (from the 40's), gold lame' purse I bought for $2 at the Koby swap meet a few months back, and black wool cape I also bought at Thrift Trader for $4.  I ended up carrying around the cape as the weather was pretty sweltering to be wearing wool.  Dave wore the $2000 custom Armani suit he thrifted for a measly $19.00, a 40's tie he bought for $5 at an Antiques store, and fedora he bought on a trip up to Burbank.  As always, we had a blast dressing up and seeing all the other patrons who dressed up as well.

We started the evening at Trader Sam's with some yummy tiki drinks.  I had the "Mosquito Mojito".  Yummy indeed!!

Next we headed to check out the Buena Vista area in Disney's California Adventure Park.  We have been looking forward to this for months as we have been waiting to attend the park until the summer crowds die down.  Dave quickly spotted the Packard parked at the front of the park and we made sure to snap a picture in front of it.

We rode the trolley down Hollywood Blvd. (no pictures sorry) and then headed to Carthay's Circle to have a drink at the bar.  I ordered a Hemingway Daiquiri.  Be sure to check this building out when you attend.  So elegant and a very deco in the furnishings.

We then headed to the Disneyland park to meet up with some friends.  We managed to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, the Train, watch the fireworks show, Tea Cups, before meeting up with my friend Natalie to ride the Jungle Cruise.

We sadly had to end the evening  after ridding the Jungle Cruise as the park was scheduled to close at 11pm.  Dave and I said goodbye to our friends before popping in the Grand Californian Hotel to take a few last minute snap shots before heading to the car and driving home to San Diego.

We had a blast but it seemed to go by way too quickly.  It was fun talking to all the strangers that were so confused as to why we were dressed the way we were and explaining to them what "Dapper Day" was.  The spring event was just announced for February 24th for next year.  I'm already scheming of what I might wear next.  Tiki Day is just weeks away and I'm so excited to return to the park, in tiki duds no less.

Till' next time,


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Westwood Village Memorial Park

A few weekends ago, Dave and I drove up to Los Angeles to visit with my relatives that just made the move to California from Ohio.  My dad had told me about a "walk" my Uncle was going to take me on.  It was funny as it was very secretive about where we were going to and what we were going to see.  The walk entailed a stroll through the downtown Westwood area (which was nice and had some very awesome landmarks and vintage stores along the way).  The surprise was we were headed to the Westwood Village Memorial Park which is the resting place of Marilyn Monroe and countless other passing stars.

My Uncle thought it would be more fun for us to stumble upon the marker for Marilyn on our own as opposed to be pointed to where it was.  Below are some pictures from our journey that day:

 Don Knotts was the first recognizable name I spotted.

 Followed by Truman Capote.

It didn't take me long to spot Marilyn's as there were already a few fans camped out taking pictures and kissing the grave. 

 This is the grave spot just to the left of where Marilyn is.  It's currently empty but is owned by Hugh Hefner.

 My Uncle did a great job of giving us a little history on Marilyn's grave.  This gentleman, in the plot above Marilyn's, as per his last will and testament, asked to be buried face down in his coffin.  No I'm not joking I assure you.

 These were a could post-it notes with a few of Marilyn's quotes.

My Uncle said that Joe DiMaggio had set up Marilyn's grave to receive a fresh set of flowers weekly, even in the case of his own death.  I'm not sure if it was these roses or the ones in the picture below.

 My Uncle educating us on Marilyn's final resting spot and the surrounding markers.

 The next set of photos are pretty self explanatory.  They are just other recognizable names I came across throughout the park.

 I thought this grave marker was quite interesting.  I noticed that the park contained several Iranian gravestones including this gentleman who was one of the first Iranian directors of his time.

 We walked around the park for close to an hour and ended up eating dinner at a very cool spot called "The Stand".  They had some very excellent root beer on draft.   Walking through the memorial park and having dinner with my relatives was just a reminder about how sweet and short life can be.  Keep your loved ones close and always let them know how much you love them!  I ended up meeting two lovely ladies (Nancy and Pam) who very nicely complimented me on my style.  It turns out there were vintage buyers (my dream job!!).

The pictures below are of the Fox Theatre where in 1974 my dad  met Groucho Marx in the lobby at the "re-release premiere" of the movie "Coconuts".  This is also where my Uncle saw Paul McCartney in person.

Labor Day marks the end to summer.  Inconceivable!!!  I've had a fantastic summer filled with many, many fun adventures and I have many more ahead of me before the end of the year to look forward to.  Many more thrift blogs to follow soon.

Till' next time,