Thursday, April 18, 2013

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender: Part Two

After watching a great performance by Little Richard, Dave and I headed back to change into our evening clothes.  I wore a gold beaded black chiffon dress which I actually purchased at Marshall's I think.  The coat was a gift, vintage, given to me from a family friend a little over a year ago.  The purse is a vintage gold lame' purse I thrifted a while back.  I wore a vintage jade necklace which belonged to my Great Grandmother and the green rhinestone earrings were once owned by the late great Yma Sumac. 

Dave wore a 40's blue fleck suite with matching 40's men's shirt. 

We started the night out by catching some tunes by the amazing Hay Stack Hi-Tones. I was very impressed and loved their "Bo Bo Ska Diddle" cover. We then headed over to catch the last few numbers by the Cleftones. They were fantastic!! We sat and enjoyed the act that followed Si Cranston. I loved them!! Dave and I were sat at good spot to watch people walk in. There were so many well dressed people. I even spotted a few familiar bloggers but was too shy to approach at this point of the evening. After the show Dave and I decided to call it a night and headed back to our room before bumping into friends Jonny B (of Jonny B and the Avenues) and his lovely girlfriend Vanessa. They invited us for a game of bowling. The night was young (well sorta) so we joined in on the fun.


This is definitely not my sport but fun no less.  We played two rounds and decided to call it a night (or shall I say early early morning).  It's so easy to loose track of time in Las Vegas!

The next morning we got up, packed and checked out.  We had lunch with the band and then Dave and I headed to Frankie's Tiki Room.  I have been several times before but this was Dave's first experience.  I wore my Diane DeWeese tiki dress with Bakelite accessories along with my recently purchased saddle purse.

These pictures of course do not do it justice.

After stopping in at Frankie's for a little bit we headed back to the Orleans for Dave's performance with Jonny B and the Avenues.  They put on a great show and I was so excited for them.

We immediately jumped in the car following the performance as Dave had class in the morning and I had a ten hour work day ahead of me.  On the way home we were told that "Give Me A Try" was played on a local radio station 94.9fm. So exciting!  Too bad we missed it.  We made it home safe and sound and in good time.  I look forward to returning to the event in the future.  Next year's show is scheduled to take place April 17th-20th.  There is a good chance I may be returning especially since it will be after the tax due date. I also read that the hotel rooms are all booked up already for next year!!

Now onto my purchased goodies!  The first item was rather a gift purchased by Dave.  It's to signify our trip to Vegas together.
Next is my mug purchase from Frankie's Tiki Room.

I got this cute little top in the vendors section for a good price.  The dealer was actually Donnaland whom I've purchased from in the past at the local Bi-Monthly Frock You sale.

This is my favorite purchase for the weekend.  I have been wanting my own squaw or patio styled dress for quite sometime.  I have come across a few in the past but sadly they haven't been the right fit for my shapely curves.  The dress is actually a nice coral color and doesn't show true in the picture below.  I can't wait to wear it!

Till' Next Time,


  1. What great fun! You and the mister look great. It's great that their song was playing on the radio.

    The cat pin and Squaw dress are great buys! I read the hotels are already booked. Wow. Guess I better start looking at hotels sooner than I thought.

  2. I hope you can make it this year! Also, I have that patio dress, twins!!

    1. Sadly we decided we aren't going to be able to make it to Viva this year as we are saving for our wedding and honeymoon this coming June. Perhaps next year though! I love my patio dress and have decided I need many more :)