Sunday, August 4, 2013

1930's Fan Back Chair Reupholstery

About a year ago I came in the great fortune of coming across a vintage fan back chair for purchase.  I initially paid $60 for the chair.  It was an original piece which likely dated back to the 1930's.  I was not a fan of the orange velveteen fabric but knew I could add that to my wish list of to do projects.

There were certainly some big stains and the fabric on the arms was pretty worn out.  I believe that it was originally cushioned with horse hair.

It's definitely a favorite piece of mine and I have had plans for it for a while. 

I was planning on considering this as part of my pat on my back for another good strong tax season and job well done.  I had envisioned that a royal blue to gray blue velveteen would be a great make over for the chair.  After several calls and emails I found a great inexpensive place to have it upholstered.  I almost changed my mind about doing it when some of the local places were quoting me at $800-$1200 for the job.  That's insane!!  I ended up taking the chair to Rusty Gold Designs (they specialize in selling mid-century and other related furniture) which is located here in San Diego in South Park.  Please check out their website here.  This is now Dave and my third purchase through them.  They have several items that are on our wish list.  So here it is in its finished glory!

It turned out just perfect!  Exactly what I was hoping for.  They even refinished the wood and made sure the structure of the chair was stronger than before.

It now completes the look of our living room and flows with everything much better.

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  1. That looks great It's amazing how much some people try to charge for upholstery. It's always good to call around and get quotes.