Friday, September 6, 2013

Tiki Oasis 2013

Tiki Oasis has come and gone and now all we can do is plan our outfits for next year!  Is it Tiki Oasis 2014 yet?  They announced that next year's theme will be beatnik.  I'm on the prowl for a tiki themed turtle neck and beret.  It's going to be a fun theme for sure.

Dave and I actually started our tiki themed weekend out earlier by driving up to Burbank, CA to do some vintage shopping (I found a fantastic reception dress at Unique Vintage!!) and meet friends for a drink at the Tonga Hut located in North Hollywood.  It was our first visit and certainly not our last.

This place is fantastic.  It's small and can fill up fast.  We went right as they opened on a Saturday afternoon.  I'm a sucker for any place that has a jukebox available to it's customers.  My friends know I love playing DJ.

I forget what this was called but it was blue and very yummy!

Flash forward to the next week, Thursday night, at the kick-off party for Tiki Oasis 2013 at the Bali Hai.  Dave and I wore our matching Uni Maikai set.  We actually ran into another couple that had the exact same set, except there's was the orange set.  I wish I would have gotten a picture taken of the four of us.  Still working on my quick photo taking reflexes.

This was my second time seeing Creepxotica live.  The first time was my very first year at Tiki Oasis (in 2010) when they surprised me and my friends as we were getting off the elevator.  You can see me for a brief second.  I'm wearing the blue tiki dress.

I have seen them perform as the Creepy Creeps several times.  They were awesome! 

We had a fun night catching up with friends who were from out of town visiting for the weekends events.

Friday we got to the hotel around 5pm and it started out as a disaster.  My dress ripped less than 30 minutes after we had arrived.  Luckily the hotel is less than a 10 minute drive from my house so we rushed home so I could change.  It was a good move to change because it was so hot!!  I have a nice supply of tiki dresses so it was a quick fix.  Once we got back we proceeded onto the room parties!!

This was the view from a friend's hotel room.  We couldn't see the stage but got to listen to the music from a nice location.

I bumped into my friend Liz of Love of the Hunt while room party hopping.

Here I am with my friend Natalie.  Isn't her Halloween cupcake skirt adorable!!  I want one too!

Dave and I were good not to stay too late as we wanted to have energy for the rest of the weekend.  We got up bright and early on Saturday and headed over to the hotel to start the day out right with a bloody mary while walking around at the car show.

This was some very impressive artwork done by Doug DoRr.  So cool!

Here's my handsome man.  I love this cowboy shirt. He didn't wear it long as it was so hot!

Here's my "hulabilly" outfit.  I rocked the boots for a good hour before I returned to my car to change them out for a pair of comfortable flip flops.  In theory it was a good idea to wear them for the outfit but not considering we were going to be on our feet that long.

Some live tiki carving.

I thought this couple was picture worthy.  Loved their outfits and convenient pose by the car!

We caught the Boss Fink show.  I love me some surf rock!

This Cadillac had some very impressive cowboy themed chrome throughout.

Tee hee hee!  Loved this.

Lobby of the hotel.

We had lunch in the Islands Sushi restaurant which included a lot of water!  Keeping hydrated due to the drinks and hot hot sun.

Poolside break.

Dave and some of his buddies.

These are just a few pictures I captured while sitting poolside.

Her play suit is too cute!

Polynesian dancers.

I was so happy I got a chance to say hello to Marina the mermaid.  Please refer to my interview with her here.

Awesome Moai tiki bar at night.

We sat poolside enjoying the sounds of the Hula Girls as well as Southern Culture on the skids while catching up with friends.

We ended the evening in a room party to watch the B Stars.  They were fantastic!

What a fantastic weekend we had.  We got to visit with good friends, make new friends, drink some awesome drinks, listen to some awesome music.  It all went by so fast!  It was so hard to get back to "reality" after a weekend like this.  We of course are both very much looking forward to next year!!

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  1. ha! what the heck is with my face I am making??? So drunk!

    So nice to see you!

    I can't believe you have never been to Tonga Hut before---best bar in SoCal!

  2. Hopefully next year we can make it. Dan went down for the day! Great post, loved all the pictures!

  3. Great pictures!!! The next best thing to being there :-)
    Looks like you had a great time...
    I'm going next year, for sure!

  4. Great photos! I love the weird looking retro truck!