Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Movie Reviews: The Glen Miller Story (1954), Pillow Talk, Valley of the Dolls

I feel like I'm finally getting caught up on some of the blogs I intended to share months and months ago.  Making a big move and planning a wedding will force you to put some things on hold and unfortunately it had to be my blog.  This is a quick movie review blog for some "vintage" movies I watched in the last months which I felt were worth recommending.

The first is "The Glenn Miller Story" staring two of my favorites Jimmy Stewart and June Allyson which was made in 1954.  This is a biographical story primarily about Glenn Miller and the love of his life, his wife Helen.

I actually bought this movie for Dave for a birthday gift knowing he loves anything about Glenn Miller as Dave is a fan of big band music.  And when I say fan, I mean obsessed!  He can listen to almost any recording between the 1920's and 1940's and tell who wrote the music, who is singing, and which musicians are playing which instruments.  I feel like my knowledge is growing just from his influence.

Glenn and Helen's love story is definitely a must see.  Glenn truly loved his wife and most if not all of his songs were based on memories or instances in their budding romance.  He would purposely have his songs categorized in the hopes that Helen would hear the tributes.  He called it "something old, something new, and something borrowed".  I love this idea so much and will never look at a small brown jug the same way again.  I honestly came across a set of brown jug salt and pepper shakers recently and got a little misty eyed from this movie.  

If not for the fantastic love story, watch this movie because of the beautiful pieces worn by the actors.  This skirt in the scene below is amazing and is truly meant to be worn specifically for dancing as you can see below.

The next treasure of a movie I recently watched was "Pillow Talk" starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson.  This is about a love hate relationship between an arrogant marketer and a interior designer.  Which makes for some amazing costumes and sets!

This 1959 classic displays a plethora of eye candy for the vintage lovers and is the first of three movies showing the fantastic on screen chemistry of the two actors.  This also was poised to be Rock Hudson's career comeback.

That pink kitchen and living room!!!

You can never go wrong with a little red and leopard!

My third and final review is for "Valley of the Dolls" which is based on a novel by Jacqueline Susann, published in 1966.  It's the story of three women whose friendship and lives are intertwined by the tragedy and abuse by self destruction brought on by the highs and lows of fame and fortune.

I just recently purchased this book and am looking forward to the read. The movie stars Patty Duke, Sharon Tate, and Barbara Parkins.  Again, since this movie is set in the mid 1960's there is an eye candy of glorious fashion and design.

Another good suggestion is to watch "Isn't She Great" which stars Bette Midler and is a biographical take on the author's journey of writing "The Valley of the Dolls".

Do you have any movie recommendations to share?

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  1. With the holiday season kicking into high gear again, my suggestions would veer in that direction. White Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life, Christmas in Connecticut, Miracle on 34th Street, I'll Be Seeing You, The Holy and the Ivy, A Christmas Carol, and (though this is technically a TV show/special) A Charlie Brown Christmas.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for taking part in Chronically Vintage's Secret Santa gift exchange, dear Suz. I'm thrilled that you've joined up. We've got over 100 participants at this point and it's really shaping up to be a marvelous event!

    1. Thank you for the recommendations! I have seen five out of the eight suggested and am looking forward to looking up the other three mentioned. Again thank you for your hard work in piecing the vintage secret Santa gift exchange together. I know that's not an easy task!

  2. Oooh Valley of the Dolls sounds great.....and so does "Isn't she great?"!!

    I wonder will I be able to find them here in Ireland