Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Time at the Maloy's

Aside from Halloween, Christmas is my favorite time of year to decorate.  I build up my decorations throughout the year finding more to add to my collection with many a thrift shop visit.  We didn't do much to the outside of the house other than adding some red bows to a few light fixtures on the house.  I was happy to put up my tiki Christmas wreath again this year.  I am in the works of creating another wreath which I hope to share in a DIY blog to follow soon.

Dave and I were lucky enough to have the opportunity to purchase a new, to us at least, Evergleam aluminum Christmas tree.  This one is so much more fuller than our other tree having 96 branches in total. Having more branches also allowed us to put more ornaments up on the tree this year.

The following are a few of our favorite ornaments on the tree this year.  Below is a moai tiki which was gifted to me a few years back, as well as a pink cosmic bulb which was a recent thrift find.

These vintage "Santa TV" and deer ornament were gifts from my bridal shower earlier this year.

Every year my grandmother gives me a new ornament for the tree.  This lovely glass Santa figurine was my new ornament for the year.

I also started a tradition of making a new purchase every year for the tree which will hopefully represent a major event for Dave and I.  I had some dumb luck finding this husband and wife glass ornament.  The photo of the ornament came out nicely with no flash.

However I cracked up at the effects a flash had on the grooms face!

Jack Skellington is once again adorned at the top of the tree in his annual reach for the Christmas tree star.

Behold the glory that is the color wheel!

A view of the living room.

Another view of the living room.

Below are some of the beautiful knickknacks I have scattered throughout this place. 

This lady was gifted to me from my dad years ago following a trip to Russia.  She is one of my favorite decorations to put out every year.

We have our vintage Christmas vinyl all ready to go at a moments notice.

 We found a nice place to hang our stockings since our house does not have a proper fireplace.  This ledge on the display case will do for now but I truly look forward to having a home with a fireplace someday.

My grandmother recently gifted me her "Hope Chest".  I am in love with this cedar chest and it will surely remain in the family for years to come.  It was a great spot to display my vintage collection of plastic and ceramic Christmas figurines.

The three kings once belonged to my great grandmother.  The wooden manger is a souvenir my grandmother brought me back from a trip to Jerusalem.  The angels are two new recent thrift finds.

The carolers and angels in the back are various thrift finds. The three elves in the front row also belonged to my great grandmother.  I found the two matching ones on the outsides thrifting.

We made sure to infuse some Christmas spirit among our tiki as well.

I only have a few decorations in the kitchen other than Christmas towels.  I found these vintage Santa mugs for 20 cents a piece earlier this month.

My grandmother also gave me this cute Santa which was made either by one of my uncle's or my dad when they were in grammar school.  It's another favorite to put out on display during the holiday season.

Below is the Portuguese version of Santa Claus, know in Portugal and Brazil as Pai Natal or Papai Noel.  Parents tell their children that it is Jesus who helps Santa with the presents. I love how every country has a different yet similar version of Santa.

I close with one last photo of our beautiful tree.  I simply cannot have enough photos of it.  It truly is mesmerizing to look at in all its gleaming splendor.

We hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  1. That is so cool! I was just reading about aluminum Christmas trees and how they used to be very popular until a Charlie Brown special poo-pooed them! Glad to see one in action!

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    2. I think these trees are truly magnificent. I wish I could leave mine up all year round! It's such a treat to take it out each year. Don't understand why no one makes them now currently.