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Cherry Dollface: Vintage Vlogger Extraordinaire

I had a late start in learning how to do my make up and hair and am still working on perfecting my art.  Starting in junior high, I would ask friends and family for help in showing me how to do vintage and classic styles and to no avail I wouldn't get the look I had hoped for.  My mom was no help to me in this department as she, and many others like her in her generation, was raised on a beauty regimen of little to no make up and straight or "natural" looking hairstyles. This of course was not my mother's fault but rather the social climate of her time.

Luckily for me, something huge was developed in my lifetime.  The Internet! Along came many social sites set up for easy access to communication all at your fingertips. Granted the road to the Internet started as a slow process.  Remember how long it could take to be connected via an analog or telephone connection.  I can still remember how excited we would get when the computer finally connected and made that ever recognizable connected noise.  And don't even get me started on how long websites used to take to load pictures!

YouTube has become one of my favorite mediums to have come out of the development of the Internet.  There has been a surge of "vloggers" in the last eight years that have used YouTube to their advantage even making some people household names or national celebrities.  My favorite videos to watch however are online are tutorials.  There are so many available now on YouTube that it's almost impossible not to find something you are looking for to help.  This is where Cherry Dollface, as she is known to her YouTube viewers, comes into play for me.

I was ready to finally put my hot curler set to use (which I think was given to me in junior high, used once, and disregarded as I didn't know how to use them correctly).  This is when I came across Cherry's video tutorials on YouTube which offered an easy take on how to achieve the vintage and classic look I had yearned for all those years previously.  She also offers other videos on not just beauty advice, but recipes, DIY projects, self-esteem awareness, and mini videos on her traveling adventures and a glimpse into her family life. She also wears many other hats as a model, designer and spokesperson for Bomber Betty Custom Cosmetics, (check out her lipstick/lip gloss line here) and hosts many classes worldwide to help other gals learn her trademark beauty secrets to achieve the vintage/classic look. I had the honor of having Cherry style mine and my bridesmaid's hair and it certainly added to the magic that was my wedding day.  With all that said, I thought that it would be interesting to learn more about her so here is my interview with Cherry.

Suz - When did your love for vintage all begin?

Cherry - I learned how to swing dance when I was 14 and I went from being a card carrying punk rocker, to being a swing dancer. It wasn't really practical to wear bondage belts and doc martins when I was dancing, so I started researching vintage styles. It was all over from there!

Suz - Can you recall what may have been your early inspiration to achieve the vintage/classic look?

Cherry - I always loved Marilyn Monroe growing up (what little girl didn't?) and I always kind of wanted to be that sexpot-- but I am just a super goofy gal. So I tried to find my own style using the sexpot looks but the goofy personality.

Suz - Do you remember what your first hairstyle or "go to" look was when you started experimenting with the vintage style?

Cherry - A pompadour! I used to just wear a pomp with my hair down and curly. Or a bandanna.

Suz - When did you begin your modeling career and do you have any advice for beginners?

Cherry - It began on accident when I was at the Viva Las Vegas car show in 2005 and a photographer snapped a photo of me sitting in my truck. Had no idea he was even taking it! And then a few months later Ol' Skool Rodz emailed me and wanted to put it on their cover. It just kind of happened organically from there. My best advice is not to sacrifice your integrity. Especially if you are looking to be a pinup model-- there is no real long term career in such an underground style. There is no need to be cut throat or to sacrifice your morals for a fun hobby!

Suz - When did you decide to begin a YouTube channel?

Cherry - In 2012 a friend suggested I start a channel and I had no idea what I would even put up! But I always had girls asking me how I had styled my hair and makeup when I was modeling, so I just thought tutorials might be the most useful.

Suz - When did you decide to take the show on the road, so to speak, and begin live classes?

Cherry - In 2013 I did a local class in the summer with my friend Nikki and it was a super big success. At the end of that year I was asked to go to Australia with a company called Catfight Collections that sponsored my trip and classes. After that I just started putting the feelers out to see which cities would have me and it took off from there!

Suz - What has been your favorite places to travel to on your class tours so far?  Any places or destinations you are looking forward to going to in the future?

Cherry - Australia so far was my favorite just because it was so different and beautiful. And Australians are SO nice!! I also loved Portland (my home town), Chicago (which is where Bomber Betty is), and the New England Shakeup in Mass. was super fun! I am going back to that again this fall. I am actually doing the UK in June and I am insanely excited for that. The history nerd in me freaks out daily.

Suz - What has been the most beneficial thing to have come out of having your YouTube channel? If you had to put it into one sentence what would your overall message to your viewers be?

Cherry - Being able to reach girls and women all over the world. My main goal with all of this is to help girls be more positive, more accepting of themselves, and also kinder to each other. I want girls to know that it is isn't cool to be an asshole-- there are so many girls that do what I do that have a sort of elitist attitude and I am trying to reel that back. It is amazing that my channel has allowed me to travel and hug girls all over the world. It still blows my mind. In a sentence it would be "Don't be an asshole". Haha. And I mean that both to others and also to yourselves!

Suz - What are your goals for your channel and or career and what do you hope to see happen with it all in the next couple of years?

Cherry - I just hope that I keep getting to travel and meet all of the beautiful babes that follow me and hear their stories. If I can keep doing that, I will be a happy little clam.

If you would like to know more about Cherry please visit her website here. Watch and subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

All of the photos provided are property of Cherry Dollface and were used with permission.

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  1. I love the goofy sexpot comment... Cherry has really inspired me to embrace my own 'goofy sexpot'. Hehe

  2. Nice post! I love Cherry Dollface. I love that her best advice is to never sacrifice your integrity. Now that is solid advice that covers just about anything. Her tutorials on hair and makeup are so doable, too. In general, I love her positive attitude and encourages us (women of all shapes and sizes) to embrace ourselves just as we are.