Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lots o' Goodies


It's been a  couple weeks since my last blog.  I've been busy, but there is always time for thrifting!  I have  a lot to share and will upload pictures followed by a brief description of each of the items shown.  I hit the mother lode of Estate sales this last weekend.  I overheard one of the gals working the sale mention to another customer that the lady that once owned the property was saving up to one day become a vintage dealer.  She was essentially hoarding vintage clothing and other vintage related items.  She had two house jam packed with stuff on her property. She had so much stuff that they had to break up the Estate sale in two weekends.  The items shown are from week one of the Estate sale.

It was sort of a wake up call for me and I have immediately made plans to have a garage sale in the coming month and do a massive spring cleaning and charitable donation to local non-profit organizations.  Hoarding is no joke and I would never want to have my love of things vintage get carried away and turn into hoarding.  Dave made a joke as we pulled up to a Salvation Army store saying we were getting our "fix" on.  It was definitely no joke as we were sprinting through the store realizing the store would be closing in 20 minutes.  I ended up finding two Fire-King sauce bowls that cost me $3.  Fix fulfilled; no joke indeed!

 This is an Amelia Earhart train case I found at the Am Vets located in the city of El Cajon.  It is in excellent condition and even came with the key.  I can't wait to use it!

This is a cute black purse from the 50's or 60's from a company called Colbentz.  After doing some research on ebay and etsy these sale on average for around $35 online.  I purchased it for $0.99.  I've already used it several times and am very happy with this find.

My eye was drawn to this little jewelry box.  There are no visible marking so I was unable to determine where or what time period it came from.  The interior is in great shape and looks as though it was never used.  I tested the green plastic on the top and it tested positive for Bakelite. 

 I scored a vintage cowboy shirt (which I found just in the nick of time to wear to a Honky Tonk show featuring The Palominos, Roy Rapids and the Rhythm Rock Trio, and Mary Simich and Mr. Tiny).  I also found a Miss Pendleton blue sweater, and teal Stitches in Time sweater.  Saving them for next fall.

Couldn't pass on the Geisha Benihana Tiki mug.  So cute.  I now have The Budha, Geisha, and Sumo wrestler mugs.

 I've been going crazy with purchasing LP's.  Above is just a few new purchases.  My most recent is one Dave bought for me.  He found an Elvis 45 which I have yet to listen to.  So excited for that find as you don't come across those too often.

 This was a Good Will find from a week ago.  It's a hand made straw Mexican tourist bag most likely purchased in the 50's to 60's.  It has a couple torn yarn strands but is otherwise in great shape.  I plan on using it as my new pool bag.

I found these plates (a set of five) at Good Will as well.  They are marked JAJ made in England.  After doing a little research I found out that JAJ was a British dishware brand that was eventually bought out by Pyrex in the mid 60's.  Another score find!


Dave surprised me by buying me this little table which works perfectly as my record player stand and even has shelving underneath it to store albums.  It is the same wood type and style of my coffee table and side end table.  What a great guy, and a good eye.

The following pictures are my finds from part one of the Estate sale.

 I bought this little painting for $5.  I love the colors in it and thought it was quite beautiful.  I don't know anything about the artist or when it was painted. I just really liked it and decided it had to be mine.

 These were $1 each and worth every penny.  I noticed that it reads "Patent pending" on the bottom. After doing some research I found out they are from the 1940's.  They resemble fire fighter and or police officer boots.  They remind me of Santa Claus boots though.

The following are various clothing and accessories I purchased and only spent a total of $10 for it all.  My favorite find is the plaid skirt which still has the original sales tags intact which means it was never worn and has been stored for more than 50 years!  It fits me perfectly and I plan on wearing it in the future for sure.  The purse is reversible and is from the 50's. It has the fleck design on one side and red with floral design on the other.

Well that is it for now.  I will hit up part two of the Estate sale this weekend to see what other awesome vintage items are for sale.  Ink and Iron is just a couple weeks away.  Before that I have a day trip to Redlands, CA (where Dave grew up) planned and I will take plenty of pictures of the beautiful victorian houses to share with you all.  I got word from my grandma that she has a box of goodies for me when I see her in a week.  I will be sure to share those all with you as well. That's it for now.

Till next time,

- Suz


  1. Seth says the Trinket box looks circa 20's. Especially if it is Bakelite then it is 20-30s

  2. Awesome! I knew it was a good find :)