Friday, June 8, 2012

Graduation and Redlands

Another few weeks have blown by since my last entry.  I've been a busy bee and I have a feeling it will be the trend for the entire summer.  Tomorrow Dave and I and friends will be going to Long Beach for Ink & Iron.  I am very very excited for this event! I've had my outfits picked out for months and am stoked to finally be able to wear them.  Pictures and blog to follow soon.  So lets back track a bit.


Dave and I attended my cousin's graduation from California State University Long Beach a few weeks back.  It was a great day and it was Dave's first time meeting my grandparents, uncle, aunt, and cousins.  We did not prepare for the warm weather and ended up with some killer sunburns.  I forget sometimes that the sun can be my arch nemesis.  I just need to remember to always bring sunblock.  I should actually just put a bottle in my car and leave it. grandma had many boxes and goodies to give me coming from her, my parents, and other friends and relatives.  My favorite thing given to me by my grandma however isn't even vintage.  About a year ago I asked my grandma to paint a picture of my favorite spot on their property in Mariposa.  It turned out fantastic and is now perched on my bedroom wall and is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning.

I also received some other fantastic goodies.  My favorite from my mom is this Ultralite Samsonite green train case.  I'm using it this weekend!

She also gave me the gray train case which I remember her using over the years which I always admired.  The beige Samsonite suitcase was a great buy which I actually purchased from a neighbor's yard sell. She has a fantastic website with tons of great buys.

The following are various goodies from my grandma and other purchases from the past couple of weeks:

I bought this box of 45s for the steal price of $15 from The Rock Thrift store in Point Loma.  I have yet to listen to them all but it is a fantastic mix of music from the 1940's through 1980's.  I have a blast choosing one at random and playing it.

The peaches wall hanging came from my grandma and actually hung in my great grandma Lou's kitchen for years.  It's so cute.  My grandma found these Harvey's tiki mugs at a thrift store in Mariposa.  They come from Lake Tahoe.  Dave picked up the ceramic Hawaiian bell for me recently.  I'm running out of space for my tiki decor fast!

The tiki chair was a fantastic find at the Good Will in Imperial Beach and was the very first thing I spotted when I walked into the store.  It bought it for $29.99.  It's in great shape and I love the burgundy pineapple print on the cushions.  I think this may be from the 1970's.  I purchased the princess shoe roller skate as I have seen many variations of the princess shoes but never a roller skate one!

I have seen the glass apple shaped snack plates all over the place and was finally sold on buying a set of four plates for just $3.99. Below that is a quick picture of some recent Pyrex purchases. My grandma gave me the set of the red, blue, and yellow dishes which have been in her possession longer than I have been alive. 

This was one item I found at my return to the hoarder estate sale. It's a show schedule that was given to guests who attended Frank Sinatra's stint at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas in 1978.  I probably purchased this for $0.05 as it was a combined in total with other items.  I looked on eBay and people are selling them for $100 a piece!  Great find.


Dave and I took a mini road trip up north for Memorial Day driving through Riverside and his native Redlands.  He took me to many spots from his past and showed me some beautiful Victorian homes in the area.  We also stopped in at the Mission Inn as a friend of mine will be getting married there this coming November.  This is also the same place my grandparents were married 62 years ago.  It was just beautiful! Below are a few pictures from our day.

I found the glasses at the Mission Galleria which is this huge three story antiques store just across the street from the Mission Inn.  They even have a restaurant and bar in the store.  Don't pass it up if you are ever in the area.  We spent an easy two hours in here.

Well, that's all for now.  I will try to be better about being on top of my blogs and not flooding them as I did with this one. 

Till next time,



  1. Wow! The suitcase cleaned up nicely :) and the traincase, mmm, man, makes me wish I never sold mine. I love love pyrex bowls, you should see my collection.

  2. My Pyrex collection is steadily growing. I havn't had a problem coming across it at thrift stores. Some elbow grease and warm water and dish soap did the job on the suit case. I'm using it this weekend as well for my trip to Long Beach for Ink & Iron. Got a cute little Fluff luggage tag at the International Tiki Market to go on it.

  3. I was just at some of these places not too long ago. How funny. Exact same locations in the pictures and everything.

    1. My boyfriend grew up in Redlands and had been wanting to take a mini road trip up there since December. So beautiful! I spoted a vintage store in the downtown area but it was closed as we were there on Memorial Day. We have plans to visit again soon however ;)