Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Precious Cargo: Vintage 1920's Dresses

A few weeks back I received an exciting e-mail from my grandma (yes my grandma knows how to use e-mail, owns a smart phone, and is the Queen Bee of Facebook).  She had exclaimed to me that she was handed down some precious dresses that once belonged to a family friend.  They once belonged to my Great Grandma's best friend in fact.  The dresses have been stored by her daughter Shirley for the past 60 plus years in a cedar chest.  I suppose my grandmother was telling her about my interests in vintage and she thought passing them onto me would ensure that they would be in safe hands.  I full heartily assure they will be! 

Below is a picture of my Great Grandma Lou and her friend Doris in their "flapper days". My Great Grandma Lou is pictured on the left and Doris is on the right.

Now here's a picture of Edith, the previous owner of these beautiful dresses. I just adore the finger waves!!
I received the dresses from my grandma at a recent family gathering.  They are just gorgeous and in superb condition!!  These are a few pictures my grandmother took of them before i got to see them in person.  The green dress is darker in person and not as aqua as it appears below.

The dresses are in great shape but are still delicate none the less.  I knew right off the brown one would not fit and I carefully tried on the green one.  It fits!  However due to the fragile state of the dress and some loose beads I won't be wearing the dress to any events unless I'm wearing it for a quick photo shoot such as the one below.  I need to purchase some good storage for these pieces as I would like to pass them down to my children someday.
Here is a non-flash picture to try and show how dark green the fabric actually is.

I'm truly touched that I have received these and hope I can keep them in good condition for the years that follow.

I'm sorry about my lack of blogs.  I have been busy having come off tax season keeping busy with house cleaning, laundry, visiting with friends and family, and moving in with Dave.  What a project that has been.  Good thing he doesn't have nearly as much stuff as I have; however it has been a mega huge excuse to re-evaluate everything I have in my possession and what is needed and what can be purged. 
More and more blogs to come soon!
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  1. Wow! How lucky and touching! I adore the green one and it looks marvelous on you!!


  2. Those dresses are fantastic! They will make a great family heirloom.

    I have some of my grandmother's rebozos. They're traditional Mexican shawls. My mom game me a few after she passed away. The region that my family is from is known for their shawl design and work.

  3. How beautiful and wonderful!! True treasures :-)

  4. What a great thing to inherit; both dresses are incredible!

  5. Thank you all! Any advice on where I could easily purchase some acid free tissue paper and appropriate storage for storing these beauties?