Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Amazing Vintage Tie Thrift Haul

Sometimes you come across some vintage finds in abundance that just blow your mind.  Lisa over at My Pretty Baby Cried She Was  Bird had a killer find a few weeks back here.  This is truly one of those mind blowing finds.  Dave and I were in the Los Angeles area visiting friends and family earlier this month.  We had a few hours to spare before meeting up with Dave's mom and decided to spend that guessed it.....thrifting.  We did a search for local shops and found one that was close to us.  We walked into the store and did our usual routine.  Dave took off towards the men's clothes me towards the women's.  We always meet halfway at the home goods later on. 

Not even five minutes into our thrifting adventure, Dave scurries over in extreme excitement to share something with me. He whispers to me, as to not lead any of the other shoppers onto his find, that there are at least 25 vintage 1930's to 1940's silk men's ties in the tie section.  He shows me the five he already had picked out and said he was headed back to look at them again.  I followed him to see these treasures for myself. 

Gosh was he right!!!  They were all so beautiful.  Dave picked out a few more including a NOS tie with sales tag intact.  He seemed satisfied with this five but I kept egging him on to buy more.  At $1.99 each how could you pass on these??!!  I managed to talk him into buying the spiderweb tie and the Christmas Yule tie.  I decided that seven were also going home with me (to be sold on etsy in the future).  The store clerk said that they were brought in by one donor. Crazy right?! We didn't take them all but made sure we took the cream of the crop.  I keep telling Dave we need to go back and buy the rest.  I'm sure they are all gone by now.  14 out of 25 ain't bad.  Behold their beauty.

The following four pictures are Dave's picks.

I love love love the spiderweb tie (it has a fly caught in the web) and Yule tie!  So glad I talked him into getting them.  I probably would have purchased them for myself regardless.

Merry Xmas message on the back of the Yule tie.

The following are my picks, excluding the middle green tie.  That's Dave's as well.

How could you pass on a tie with lions on it!!!

Aside from my two favorite listed above, these were the obvious three I couldn't leave the store without.  The middle tie has a desert theme with cacti, butterfly and peacock are to die for.  So lovely.

What have been your best finds to date or recent mind blowing finds??
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  1. WOWZA!!!! I would have bought all of them...especially at $1.99!!!! Instant collection! I have so many ties that I don't wear but all of those would have come home with me - GREAT HAUL!!! If there were any western ties in the lot, I'd be happy to buy!

  2. I knew Dave was crazy as he was the one that talked me out of buying them all!!! Next time I'm listening to my hoarder conscience and greedily takin' them all! I'll let you know as soon as I decide which ones to post. I have a ton of other itmes I need to get up first. That's my goal for next month to post more items on etsy.

  3. How could you leave ANY there? No way I could have much better vintage powers than I do! FAB score!

    1. The blame game goes to my fiance'. Lesson learned! :)

  4. HOLY CRAP Batman! Those are gorgeous and fabulous! The spiderweb one is just to die for. My husband has a lot of his grandfather's ties but they're from the 60's and 70's. And he doesn't wear ties. I'm lucky if I can get him into a decent shirt and khaki shorts.

  5. WOW! Super jealous here! What an insane haul!! So many glorious ties!

    As for recent mind-blowing finds, there was a 20s dress I got a few weeks ago, and just last Sunday I scored TWO 20s lariat necklaces! One at a true thrift shop and the other at a Buffalo Exchange!