Monday, July 15, 2013

Thrift Book Blog: June 2013

Here is my second half to the previous June thrift blog.  Dave and I went on a road trip to visit my folks in northern California so I am a little behind on blogging.  It was a very nice trip and I managed not to got on the Internet to check my e-mail, news, Facebook, etc...for five days straight.  It was a nice feeling being temporarily cut of from the Internet actually. 

These are a few books I came across in my June thrift finds I thought were worth sharing.  "Death in Paradise" is an interesting book about famous murders, suicides, etc. in Hollywood, CA.  I haven't picked it up to read yet but think it would a fun read around Halloween in October.  "Magic Brands" is awesome!  It's a home remedy guidebook with a ton of great ideas on how to better your home by using commonly found products around the home.  I like that there are a ton of chemical free alternatives for cleaning.

"Hollywood Poolside" is my favorite book find for the month.  It's basically a photo book with pictures of movie stars sitting poolside and ranges from the 1930s to the 1960s.   There are so many beautiful pictures in this book.

The "Better Homes and Gardens Guide to Entertaining" was a heck of a find.  I think I paid $2 (or maybe less) for it.  It was written and published in the 1960's and features pictures with etiquette and party planning ideas (in the 1960s that is).  I consider books like this to be such great illustrated time capsules.

Alas, this was my last "find" for the month, however I did not purchase it.  The thrift shop wanted $20 for it!!  I personally think that is a bit pricey however it would be an excellent addition to a Disney collector's memorabilia collection.

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  1. Awesome books! It's kinda ridiculous that thrift stores have stared charging more for vintage pieces. It didn't used to be like that but all those hipster kids have driven up prices and demand.

  2. How funny, I just saw the Annette book at an antique store today. Good finds!