Friday, June 28, 2013

Thrift Blog: June 2013

Wow, June has just flown by!  Dave and I were busy with going to a friend's wedding, Ink N Iron, wedding planning, visiting with family in town, and Disneyland (of course).  Below are just a few photos from the mentioned events.

Dave and my Ink N Iron souvenir photo.  I made the mistake of leaving my memory card at home for my camera so this sadly is my only picture from the day.  We had a good time but this may be our last time going as the event has gotten so expensive.

I can never have enough pictures of the Haunted Mansion.
Isn't the Haunted Mansion wallpaper divine!  I would love to have this in my house someday.

The Polynesian room is my favorite part of It's A Small World of course.  I get so excited every time we circle the corner and I spot the mermaids which is the start to the room.  I think I take pictures every time as though it's my very first visit to the park.  Kind of crazy and obsessive; yes I know.
Paige is getting so big!!  Ain't she a cutie!

We had a lovely picnic at Balboa Park when my sister was in town.

So I have an update to my "Amazing Vintage Ties" thrift blog.  Dave and I made it back to the store where we made our discovery with the wonder of whether or not the rest of the vintage ties had been purchased.  There was indeed one tie of course I bought it.
So onto my June thrift finds.  I found all of the below items in one glorious day of thrifting while out with Dave.  Dave and I plan on once again attending the Tiki Oasis gathering that takes place here in San Diego in August.  This year's theme is Hulabilly (a mix of Hillbilly and tiki).  I have been on the lookout for the perfect outfit.  I found this 80's floral dress and thought matched up with some cowboy boots it would be the perfect fit.  It was also helped that it had the perfect price of just $4.

It fits perfectly!  (please ignore my lack of make up and or nice hairstyle)

I had the great fortune of finding these moonshine style jugs which will go perfectly as his and hers "Hulabilly" mugs for Tiki Oasis. Aren't they great!
Purses, just more purses!  How could you possibly pass on a basket purse.

Dave was the one that spotted this beauty.  It's a Mexican souvenir framed bird (hand crafted with real feathers) likely from the 50's and or 60's.  I have seen a few of these in the past but just absolutely loved the colors on this one. 

Tiki spoon!  Now I'm on the hunt for the matching tiki fork.

This cute plaid circle size three won't fit me (not in my wildest dreams), but it will fit a friend of mine.  Easy $2 buy.

I'm loving the peter pan collar fashion trend and thought this vintage blue blouse would be too cute for work.  I love the pearl bead leaf detailing.

Yet another decanter to add to my ever growing collection.  This Kahlua decanter is not tiki but rather of Mexican origin.  It's from the 1940's according to my research findings.  There was actually a couple heated discussions of why it's not considered tiki online. 

I was completely excited to finally come across this vanity mirror tray.  I have come across several of them at flea markets and vintage stores but they are always asking for a little more than what I was willing to pay.  Dave is always reminding me to be patient as I will likely come across what I want thrifting.  He was right!

Following this blog will be an additional thrift blog of books I have found this month. I decided to give them their own blog as they truly deserve it.
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