Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Visiting the J.A. Cooley Museum

Dave and I drive by the J.A. Cooley Museum, located in North Park of San Diego, weekly and say "we need to check that place out".  A few weeks back we found ourselves in the neighborhood and stopped in.  It's local San Diegian's Jim and Carmen Cooley's massive collection of 100 year old cars as well as many antiques ranging from toy trains to early typewriters.

This is a music player that was once used at an ice skating rink.

This is also a music player.  Carmen was nice enough to give us a quick show and played the machine for us.  It played the song "Home on the Range".

They have several cars, carriages and even the very first Mercedes Benz concept car.  Carmen said that one of the cars was used in the movie "Titanic" during the love scene between Jack and Rose in the garage area of the ship. Remember the sweaty hand on the window scene.  Yep, that one.

This was my favorite car they had.  Just gorgeous.

This is a Ford Model T and was one of those released in their first year of their make.  It looked like it was in pristine condition.

I wish I had more pictures to share.  Unfortunately I didn't have a battery for my camera and was stuck using my camera on my phone.  Dave and I had a great time browsing through their collection and now don't feel too bad about the size of our private collection of vintage items versus theirs!  If you live in San Diego or are ever in the area please be sure to check this hidden gem of a museum out.  

Be sure to check out their website for more information at http://www.jacooleymuseum.org/.

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  1. How nifty! I think I would have been mega geeking out over the Titanic car! I was originally obsessed with the original ship prior to the film, but then of course became obsessed with the film too!!