Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Engagement Party

A few weeks back Dave and I hosted a Halloween party as a means to have a mini engagement party with local friends.  We spent a good amount of time prepping the house in Halloween decorations galore and I'm realizing now I didn't truly take enough pictures to capture everything.  We had some standard snacks available to our guests and I finally had an excuse to use my vintage pineapple toothpick holder as an astro mini hors d'oeuver  holder.  I felt like Martha Stewart the day off making both pumpkin spice cupcakes and pumpkin rice krispie treats.  The signature drinks of the evening were either pumpkin beer or hot apple cider with dark rum.  The hot cider drinks were a hit!

We insisted that all of our fiends attend in costumes.  Dave and I dressed up as Red Ridding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.  I wore a gingham dress I found weeks before the party at the bi-monthly Frock You sale.

My friend Alisha (dressed as Short Round from "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom") brought us a nicely carved pumpkin.

The guests enjoying some food and conversation.

As an incentive to get dressed up, at least for the friends that had a harder time being convinced to do so, we had a costume contest.  The prizes were some treats we picked up from our local 99 cent only store.

Alisha and Darth won "Most Original Costume" for their Indiana Jones and Short Round costumes.  

She had to get some props as she walked on those wood platforms all night!

Lindsay and Jeremy received the "Funniest Costume" award for their costumes as our former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner and his harassed whistle blower secretary.

Lisa's Mom, whom we all lovingly call "Mom", won scariest costume as a corpse bride.

Angie was awarded "Sexiest Costume" for her cute salon gal outfit, proving you don't have to wear a very revealing outfit to be sexy!

Lisa and Paul were awarded the "Best Costume".  I was sure to warn the crowd before I awarded the "Best Costume" award that I was truly being biased in giving out this award for two reasons.  Number one it was a Disneyland based costume, and number two being that it was from my favorite ride The Haunted Mansion.  I'll give you a hint if you are not sure where they are featured in ride.  They are located on paintings found in the mansion.  The dress was made by Mom and the skirt was hand painted by Lisa.

We had such a great time and felt so blessed in how many awesome, caring friends we have here in San Diego.  We ended the evening cutting our engagement cake that our friend Lindsay brought for the special occasion.  The wedding is right around the corner and now we truly can't wait to celebrate!

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  1. Love all the costumes but you guys were the cutest pair there!

  2. I love your costumes! How adorable!

    And I love the addition of the blocks to the Short Round costume! And Disney related costumes are always a win in my book - especially Disneyland ones!!


    1. Thank you Janey :) The blocks were the icing on the cake to her costume definitely!

  3. It was so much fun!
    Pumpkin Rice Krispies were like crack!
    NOm Nom NOm,

    1. Glad you enjoyed them! Dave gobbled up the left overs so I only got to have one bite of one :(

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time!

    1. Indeed we did! The night went by too quickly and I'm positive the wedding will do the same!