Thursday, January 30, 2014

Palm Springs: Part 1

While Dave and I were on Christmas break, we decided to drive up to Palm Springs, CA for a few days.  I had never been and thought now was the best time to go before I would be a free again (sometime after June).  The weather was perfect!

We stopped at the Cabazon Dinosaurs roadside attraction on our way.  I always make a point to stop by if I happen to be in the area.  

They looked like they could use a new coat of paint.

I also have a tradition of posing on the foot of the one of the dinosaurs just as the family did in the movie "The Wizard" starring Fred Savage.

After a brief stop to visit the dinosaurs, we were back in the car and on our way to our destination.

Our first stop was at the visitor's center which was built in 1965 and formally used as the Tramway gas station.  What a cool building!

Below are a few pictures of the San Jacinto peak.  We had plans to ride the tramway up but not today.

Our next stop was at the Caliente Tropics hotel which is where we would be staying while in town.  The hotel opened in 1964 and is home to many a tiki idols that are scattered throughout the hotel.  The hotel was once host to past Tiki Oasis and Tiki Caliente gatherings.  We loved the fact that their pool and spa were open late.  Late night dips are the best!

After getting checked into our room, and having a nice refreshing dip in the pool, Dave and I got dressed up to have dinner and drinks at the new Tonga Hut located in the downtown area.  Unbeknownst to us the restaurant and bar was currently having a soft opening.  Below are pictures of our sad faces.  Oh well, next time for sure.

Dave crying his eyes out!

We ended up having dinner at Tropicale which, luckily for us, was literally just down the street from the Tonga Hut.

The restaurant was lovely.  We enjoyed our dinner out on the back patio.  We were however tricked by our server into ordering a "Mai Tai I Wanna Lei Ya".  He told us that it served two.   It could have easily served four or five!

Dave and I filled our glasses up ten times, between the two of us, and hardly made a dent in the clam shell shaped dish.  The presentation and drink itself was delightful. 

Our lesson learned for the night was to ask about drink prices as for two thrifty people like us it was way more expensive than we would usually spend on alcohol. I'm too embarrassed to say how much we spent on it, considering we couldn't even finish it.

After dinner we walked through the downtown area making a point to stop by the the huge Marilyn Monroe statue.  I was anxious to get back to the hotel room and thought I'd be sure to pose for a picture later but that didn't happen.

Part two and part three to follow soon.

Till' Next Time,



  1. We visited the dinos last time we were in Palm Springs too! I didn't snap too many photos because my heart hurt so much at what they have been turned into.

    That hotel looks swank! And oh so perfect for you two! Sorry about the new tiki bar not being totally open! We're going to Palm Springs in March, so if it's open then, I'll let ya know how it is! ;)

    Sorry about your drink! I totally understand though!

    Looking forward to the other Palm Springs adventures!


  2. Be sure and post the pictures from the hotel room, I bet they were cool!!

  3. I haven't been to Palm Springs in ages. I rode the Tramway once and had a blast. We went during winter (I think) and wehen we got to the top there was lots of snow.

    Too bad that the Tonga Hut was closed. That drink looks amazing but yeah that would take a few people to finish. You should have asked for a to go cup. No point in letting the booze go to waste especially since you paid for it.