Saturday, February 1, 2014

Palm Springs: Part 2

On day two of our trip to Palm Springs, we were determined to do some shopping, do a drive through tour of some of the fantastic mid century neighborhoods, ride the Tramway up to the San Jacinto peak, and relax while on holiday.  We ended up going to a few thrift shops and vintage stores.  We really didn't end up with any stellar finds.  I have one find to share in my next thrift blog.  We did get an idea of how much some of the stuff we already have at home was worth!  I couldn't believe some of the high prices!  The best bargain, which we passed on, was a Heywood Wakefield bedroom set.  It had everything included!  A vanity with matching stool, bed frame with bedside tables, and dresser all for just $500!  The wood was however in horrible condition and would require some elbow grease to fix it but it would be manageable.  The bed was a full frame which won't work for us. If we had a bigger place it would have made for a good guest bedroom set however we wouldn't have had room in my car on the way home anyways.  Well onto the pictures of the day.  Palm springs is filled with fantastic mid century buildings such as this bank below.

We made sure to drive by the "House of Tomorrow", which is also know as the Elvis Hideaway, which was where Elvis and Priscilla spent their honeymoon in 1967. There are tours offered but we didn't have time to do so.  Maybe next time.

We spotted these lovely homes while driving through the neighborhood.  What I wouldn't give to live in a house like these! I love the A frame houses the best.

This house is believed to the same house which Marilyn Monroe rented and lived in.  I'm not sure exactly the year or the circumstances for her stay in Palm Springs.  Unfortunately the home itself was hard to see as it is covered in bushes and trees.

After driving around for a while, we headed back to take a ride on the tramway.

I have to say this was one scary ride!!  They cram about 40 people at a time into the trams which has a rotating view as a means for crowd control.  Pretty smart I must say.  However, every time the tram would glide over the ascending towers the tram itself would sway back and forth.  This was pretty scary and some people even screamed with every tower crossing.  I probably made Dave's hand turn purple squeezing it in terror.

There is a little lodge at the top that has a few restaurants, bar, and gift shops.  We took a few pictures, had  a warm drink at the bar, which was badly needed after the scary ride up, and then headed back down.  There are plenty of trails throughout the wooded area and some people even stay and set up camp.  We made the mistake of going up late in the day and it was so cold!!  Luckily I had spare sweaters for each of us stashed in my car.  Lesson learned for next time for sure.

The view of Palm Springs from high above.

We had plans to get dressed up again and go out for dinner but were too tired at the end of the day so we ended up relaxing in the spa at our hotel before calling it a night.  Day three to follow next.

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  1. I seriously can't get over how amazing some of the homes in Palm Springs are! Fabulous selection you highlighted!!


  2. Palm Springs has been on my MUST visit list for a very long time and now seeing these pictures I'm typing this and texting my husband that we need to go :) lol!

    Great photos, especially of those homes. Want!