Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dapper Day 2014

Last month Dave and I attended the annual Spring Dapper Day gathering at Disneyland.  This is our now third time attending the Spring event and boy how big has this event has grown.  We decided to get to the park bright and early because we both had a hunch that the park may be packed even more that the previous year.  We were right but it was and awesome site to see so many Dapper folk wandering around the park.

This was a most excellent day for people watching.  We managed to run into the "King of Retro" himself Mr. Charles Phoenix.  I loved his entire ensemble, especially his tiki shirt!

Here's a great photo to show how packed the park was! And this was only a little after noon.

My friend Alisha attended for her first time and looked stunning in this yellow polka dot ditty.

Dave and I in line for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Friends Lindsay and Alisha.  It was actually a lovely surprise for me that Lindsay was able to attend this year.  I was very happy they both could join us at the park this year.

We ran into our friends Paul, Lisa, and Rebecca and were sure to visit one of our favorite spots in the park, The Enchanted Tiki Room.

Being that the park was so packed it was pretty pointless to ride any of the big rides unless you wanted to wait for an hour or longer on some attractions.  Not pictured (doh!) are me running into vloggers Justin Scarred from the YouTube channel LiveFastDiePoor as well as Adam from Adamthewoo.  I was so stoked to run into those two guys.  My favorite outfit of the day was when I spotted a guy dressed up like Marty McFly from Back to the Future with orange vest (life preserver) and all! Too creative!  One of my favorite times to take pictures in the park is at twilight.

We ended the day with a ride on the tea cups and then headed back home after what turned out to be a 12 hour visit at the park.  I'm sorry I didn't take better pictures.  Be sure to check out the Dapper Day website here as they have much better pictures to share.  We are looking forward to the fall event come September!

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  1. You guys look so sharp! I love all the little theme days Disneyland does, I hope to get out there some day. PS CHARLES PHOENIX'S SUIT, OMG. Like a illustration. LOVE IT.

    1. Thank you Lisa! You will definitely have to make it to one soon!! They had their Walt Disney World Dapper Day gathering yesterday. My goal is to make it that one sometime in the coming years.