Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Thrift Blog: February 2014

February was a month filled with some good tiki finds as well as the annual church rummage sale that my dear Grandma attends and scopes out some awesome finds for me. Let's dive into last months finds shall we.

I came across yet another parrot necklace. This time in black and pink.  I cannot have enough of these.

This "made in Hong Kong" quilt bag with a bandanna paisley like pattern was too cute to pass up.  This would have been the perfect purse for the hulabilly theme last year at Tiki Oasis.

This was my big purchase from the Bi-Monthly Frock You Boutique sale.  It's not actually lucite, but rather a weaved plastic pink vinyl material.

I found these 80's button covers at a local thrift store.  I especially love the the horned bull button cover.

I was fortunate enough to find yet another tiki dress in my size.  I love the colors and patterns in this dress.  Saving this one to be worn at Tiki Oasis.

This 1980's Roy Lichtenstein style sweater was too cool to pass up.  I have no idea when I will ever wear it other than when I'm lounging around at home.  This purchase however did require some help from a friend to talk me buying into it.

This green plaid Pendleton coat was another sweet find at the Bi-Monthly Frock You sale.

As well as these next few dresses and vintage Talbot bathing suit.

These next few pictures are the beautiful items that my grandmother picked up for me at her church's annual rummage sale.  She said she spent a total of $12 on me and this isn't a picture of everything she sent me.

This Bakelite mirror is in pristine condition.

Cute flapper hats from the late 1920's to early 1930's.

There was also a ton of hand stitched items this year.  She bought me this lovely collar, apron, and table cloth as well as some other marvelous pieces not pictured.  Thank you Grandma!

I'm five weeks away from finishing my 15th tax season and less than one hundred days out from the wedding.  So much fun stuff coming up the next couple of months!

Till' Next Time,