Friday, May 30, 2014

Thrift Blog: March through May 2014

With wedding planning in high gear (I'm less than three weeks out from the wedding now), I decided it would be best to share my March, April, and May finds in one blog.  I cut back a little due to wedding planning reasons obviously.

This cute nautical inspired play suit was an awesome find at the San Diego Vintage Flea Market.  Dave and I were finally able to attend and will definitely do so in the future as well.  Excellent event!

The next item was indeed a splurge! But a splurge not to be passed up on.  Let just say I was able to purchase this dress on eBay for roughly $400 less than I have seen it listed for in the past.  I wore it on my last trip to Disneyland and had a blast wearing it and talking to people who noticed the incredible tiki room pattern.  New favorite dress!

I found this "Made in Hong Kong" gold and blue sequined 60's dress at a thrift store in Burbank, CA while visiting my friend Angie.  I could not believe my eyes!  It fits me but I could loose a few more pounds to wear it comfortably.  I'm setting this one aside for Viva next year with the goal to wear it comfortably.

Here's another non thrift find.  I finally broke down and bought myself a Lux Deville purse.  I've especially been wanting one with the Cadillac V to be used when Dave and I go for drives in our very own 1962 Cadillac (which is coming along quite nicely I might add.  Thank goodness Dave knows so much about cars)

Here are some cute broaches I came across and couldn't live without.  I especially love the kitty and man with cane as the tail on the cat wags and the man's feet move back and forth.  So cute.  I did some quick research online but couldn't find a source for the White Mouse pin.  I found several others like it but can't find any information about what it is from.  Cartoon, movie, etc...  Can anyone help?

These vintage confetti drop earrings were an fantastic thrift store find. 

Dave and I used to come across vintage table lighters all the time in our trips to various thrift stores but we noticed as of late we have started to see less and less of these.  On a recent trip we came across this one and for $2, it was coming home with us.  It doesn't work but that's not to worry as a quick trip to a smoke shop will fix it up.

Disney has an outstanding variety of Adventureland souvenirs for sale in the park.  This was my recent purchase from my last trip to the park and  believe me it was truly hard to only buy these and not the rest of the matching cups, plates, bowls, etc...

I found these months ago.  They will come in handy someday. (no hint is being implied by this of course)

I found this wooden tiki at a thrift store in Burbank.  First tiki find in a while.

Dave was the one that spotted these mugs.  They have the made in Japan markings on the bottom as well as the OMC label still intact.  There is also a marking that reads "Made exclusively for Dick Graves".  Dick Graves is the man behind Trader Dick's.  Pretty awesome find.

Dave also spotted these fantastic vintage cat eyed glasses which are in impeccable shape.  He found them just in time as I'm due for another eye exam and feel sadly that my current prescription is in need for an update.

I love the added design on the sides of the frames.

These are some fun book finds.  A book about the the history of Disney Studio's, one about Haunted areas in Britain and Ireland, and the last a photo book with pictures of Elvis' during his years in the Army.

I love 3D art and I couldn't pass on this vintage Mexican souvenir framed carved wooden ship with red velvet backing.  It's too cool.  We just need to find a space to hang it!

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  1. I have the exact same tiki! I found mine at a church rummage sale last year for $1.

  2. Love the Tiki Room dress! I've been hunting for one myself. . . No luck yet! 😞