Thursday, May 1, 2014

Where Has SweetieSuz Been? (100th Blog Entry!)

I'm still here folks!  I've made it through my 15th tax season with work and am now starting to breath again.  As every year, the end of tax season brings on a flurry of to do lists and with wedding planning blended into the mix you know for sure I've been insanely busy.  I have just  a few more things to take care of for the wedding and am feeling quite under control with less than six weeks left to go.

Dave and I still managed to make it out to a few shows during my busy season, sadly this did not include Viva Las Vegas.  We are planning on it for next year though!  We went to a rockabilly show at Tio Leo's to see our friends Fanny and the Atta' Boys perform as well as the Deadbeat Daddies, whom we thought were fantastic!

The Deadbeat Daddies

Dave and I with Vanessa and Jonny

 Alisha, myself, and Vanessa

Doing the stroll

Dave and I attended a Temptations and Four Tops show as part of Dave's birthday gift from me. 

The Temptations

 The Four Tops

Unfortunately we were not supposed to take pictures or video.  They were fantastic and it was an excellent show!  One of the songs sung by one of the son's of an original Four Tops member brought me to tears.  If they are ever on tour in your area, GO SEE THEM! 

Below are some pictures of us at the show with our friends Jonny and Vanessa.

If you have not seen it yet, we announced our date (Sunday September 28th) and schedule for our 3rd year holding the unofficial gathering at Disneyland for Tiki Day!  I bought the perfect dress for the event which I will be sharing in my March/April thrift blog.  It wasn't thrifted but am excited to share my purchase regardless.

I have a lot on the horizon planned for this blog and my life in general.  My lovely friends and family threw me my bridal shower and bachlorette party this last weekend which was fantastic.  I have thrift finds to share as well as some upcoming road trips, trips to Disneyland, and more to be determined blogs.  I hope you all enjoy reading my blogs and I can't believe that this very blog will be my 100th posting!  Time sure has flown since I made the decision to share my life's journey's and obsessions with pretty much anything vintage!  Thank you for all for your past kind comments and support through all!  The best is yet to come!

Till' Next Time,


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