Friday, March 6, 2015

Adventurers Day: An Unofficial Disneyland Themed Day

In the last five years there has been a huge growth in the amount of Disneyland themed days.  Whether official or not I'm extremely excited about the sudden interest in having any excuse to go to the park in dressed up or attend in themed attire.  My friend Rebecca is the founder of yet another genius themed Disneyland day; Adventurers Day!  Below is a outstanding YouTube video, by Chris of "Lost in Paradise", which documents their very first gathering which took place last year.

They have had a few meet ups outside the park as well. Their next gathering is next month and I thought it would be nice to learn more about this event by interviewing my friend Rebecca.

Suz - What is your very first memory of Disneyland?

Rebecca - My first memory of Disneyland is when I was nine.  I remember two very specific things.  The explosions on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and needing to photograph my father in front of the awesome tiki trash can outside of the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Suz - How often do you visit the park?

Rebecca - Almost every Sunday except for when we are blacked out.

Suz - Do you have any park rituals?

Rebecca - If Maynard is working then we have to go to the Enchanted Tiki Room and we can't leave Disneyland without riding the Haunted Mansion.  We also love riding The World Famous Jungle Cruise at the end of the night because the lines are so short and the Skippers are sillier.

Suz - What is Adventurers Day and what can one expect?

Rebecca - Adventurers Day is a Disneyland event that encourages you to wear your best safari gear and come to the park to ride rides and if you are brave enough even participate in an eight hour long photo scavenger hunt!

Suz - What was your inspiration to create Adventurers Day?

Rebecca - The four of us all love Disneyland so much.  We come on a regular basis and attend almost all of the other official and unofficial Disneyland days.  But we found because we come so often that it would be fun to create our own day especially based on the thing we love most; ADVENTURE! We were thinking about making an unofficial meet up day that was more interactive; where you could be a part of it just as much as the next person and make your own unique experience.

Suz - Do you have any suggestions on what and where someone might buy their adventurer gear and clothes for the meet up?

Rebecca - We have custom pith helmets and official Shrunken Ned pendants which you can find on Etsy here or we have them available whenever we are vending at either Don the Beachcomber for the International Tiki Marketplace or various Tonga Hut events.  You can also go to any army surplus store to find your basic pith helmet which we think is a requirement!

Rebecca -  We are in fact vending at this coming weekend's International Tiki Marketplace event at Don the Beachcomber's on Saturday March the 7th.

Rebecca - Another chance to catch us is at the Tonga Hut on Sunday March the 15th for their 10th Anniversary celebration.

Suz - Do you have any other suggestions for someone who is attending the meet up for the first time?

Rebecca - If you are going to participate in the scavenger hunt we recommend bringing friends, a camera, and extra batteries! It's great if you have a team of thrill seekers ready to go, but if not, come solo and make some great new friends!

Suz - What are your future goals for Adventurers' Day?

Rebecca - We hope to have scavenger hunts outside of Disneyland as well.  Also this year we are involved in the Anaheim Halloween Parade.  We will be taking an Adventurers Day field trip to help in building a float as well as be in the parade!

Be sure to check out their event Facebook page located here for more information about their next gathering at Disneyland on April the 26th.  

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  1. This sounds so cool and right up my alley! I hope to make it to the next one! Thanks for sharing!

    Also miss you! Hope Oregon is treating you well!


    1. I thought you might be interested in this day; especially after your post for the Indiana Jones anniversary. Your outfit was too cute! That snake belt is amazing. Still adjusting in Oregon but doing great! Definitely miss all that SoCal had to offer and look forward to our trips down south this summer!