Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Portland: Vintage Shopping and Tiki Exploration

A few weeks back Dave and I spent a few days in Portland as Dave had some work meetings in town.  I decided to tag along as it was a great opportunity to spend some time in the city.  I ended up visiting several vintage shops in town while Dave was at his work meetings.

The first shop I visited was Simply Vintage.  This is the same shop that my friend Janey of Atomic Redhead Blog used to work at before moving to California.  I made sure to visit this shop as I had heard so many good things about the store and love all the items that the owner Sarah posts on her Instagram account Stutterinmama.

Sarah was very sweet and she sure has some fantastic vintage goodies for sale at her shop.

She has Atomic Swag tees for sale which I'm kicking myself now for not picking one up while I was there.  No worries; I will be back!

She also offers reproduction dresses for sale by both Pin Up Girl Clothing and Trashy Diva.

I ended up purchasing a cute yellow striped top and a pair of 60's does 40's red Remix styled heels.  Sorry I don't have any photos of them yet to share but will in the future.

I also visited Wanderlust Vintage which was a really cute shop, House of Vintage which is easy to get lost in,  and hit up a few thrift shops that were nearby.  Please visit my Instagram page (thesweetiesuz) to see some of the goodies I thrifted while in Portland.

Once Dave was done with his work duties for the day, we went to Hale Pele for their happy hour which included some very yummy tiki drinks and food.  This is a must have tiki stop if you are ever in Portland.

The next day Dave headed out to his work meeting and I continued on with my vintage and thrift hunting.  I visited Hattie's and Bombshell Vintage.  I ended up having an excellent conversation with the owner of Bombshell Vintage, Kim.  I bought an atomic shirt for Dave and a pair of cat eye glasses for myself.

That evening we met up with our friend Daren for more tiki libations and dinner at Trader Vic's.  I'm sad I didn't take more photos but I'll be back in July for Tiki Kon and will try to remember to take some more then.

There were so many great drink options to choose from on their menu!

I settled on the Peach Tree Punch.  It was delicious!

The next day Dave and I went to various thrift shops, had lunch at a cute Greek deli shop, and in the early evening met up with our friend Daren again for happy hour at The Quay bar, which is located at the Red Lion Hotel.

They have a nautical themed bar that was so awesome!  This is the same hotel where Tiki Kon is held every year.  We wanted to get a sneak peek at it before we return in July for the event.

We had a fantastic view of the Columbia River and Interstate bridge.

The next morning we packed the car up to head back home, but not before meeting up with a few friends of mine from high school that I hadn't seen in over fifteen years!  It was a lovely reunion and I'm happy that we  met up and we already have plans to do so again in the coming months.

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  1. Thank you for the link love!

    I'm so glad you are having fun in Portland, there really are SO many shops to visit! And I'm glad Sarah is carrying more vintage repro! And you just reminded me I need to buy myself some more Atomic Swag tees! They are so fab!

    And my goodness, you visited nearly all of the Tiki spots! I never made it to Tiki Kon, because it was always the same weekend as the big summer antique show at the Expo Center, which was always more important to me! But if you do make it, I can't wait to read all about it on your blog!


    1. No problem of course!! I didn't make it to the Pearl District or to Antiques Alley (or rather any antiques stores for that matter) so there is still a lot for me to look at. The only item I have buyer's remorse for not purchasing was a Witco World Framed Art piece we came across at a vintage shop. They wanted more than we can afford at the moment. :( There will definitely be a Tiki Kon blog coming sometime in July/August! So excited for it!

  2. oh fun! Portland is on my must visit, go shopping at, drink all the tiki drinks everywhere list :) This post was wonderful and I'm making note of places I need to see when I do eventually visit.

    Thanks for sharing! Off to Instagram to see what you bought :)


    1. Thank you Liz! I feel bad because all I did was shop. There are so many other sites to see and restaurants to eat at! I'll be back again soon and will share more as I come across it!