Monday, July 6, 2015

The Crane Wedding

Last week Dave and I flew to Los Angeles to attend his Mom Ana's wedding which took place in beautiful Santa Monica.  The weather was perfect, despite a few trickles of rain just prior to the ceremony.

Here is my handsome hubby all dressed up and wedding ready. Note his cool vintage fleck coat directly behind him.  Later on I would accidentally spill beer on this coat (so happy it was beer and not red wine).  Dave is still getting used to my clumsy ways.  So glad he was able to get it out and it didn't damage the piece.  Woops!

I wore a pink and black floral dress I purchased on a few years ago during their Online Black Friday sale.  I also wore the flowers my friend Angie made for me for my wedding day. 

The wedding was held at the brother of the groom's house in beautiful Santa Monica.  It was gorgeous and the backyard was the perfect size for the event.  Dave and his brother Roger escorted their mom on her way up to the alter/awning. The bride Ana wore a beautiful white, pink, and lime green floral dress.  She looked fabulous.

The ceremony was beautiful and brought many of those in attendance to tears.

A closer look at the beautiful bride Ana.

Rob was so sweet and did his best to hold back tears while reciting his wedding vows.  It was truly a loving and sweet moment.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife; you may kiss your bride!"

The wedding party. Rob's best man, his brother Dennis, is the owner of the beautiful house where the wedding took place.  Ana's sister Jessie was her Matron of Honor.

David and his brother Roger.

Dave's aunts.  From left to right Verna, Jessie, Carol and Lourdes.

Me and my hubby.

Me and the beautiful bride Ana!

Roger's daughter Roslyn and Fiance' Ashley.

Isn't our niece Roslyn so precious!  She is the spitting image of her dad when he was her age.

Having their first dance to "Happy" by Pharrell. Such a fun song choice for a first dance! Later on Aunt Carol was trying to get everyone on the dance floor and she said something that I absolutely loved. "Everybody can dance.  You just gotta get our there and do it!".  I loved meeting more of Dave's extended family.

Their cute and delicious wedding cake.  So good!!!

Getting ready to cut the cake.

Me and my sister in-law Debbie!

Aunt Jessie and Ana.

Aunt Carol, Dave and Roslyn.

Ashley and Roger.

Dave and Roger with Uncle Paul.

Dave and I with Uncle Paul and Aunt Lourdes.

Carpenter family photo!

Dave and his sister Debbie.

Dave, Ana, Rob, Roger and myself.

Dave, Ana, Rob and Debbie.

It was truly the perfect day and wedding was just lovely. It all went by too quickly.  We wish Ana and Rob all the best! 

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