Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tiki Oasis 2015: Saturday & Sunday

Saturday got off to a slow start.  We ended up sleeping in as we had waaaayyy too much fun Friday night.  We got up, Dave helped Gil work on the shorty van and afterwards we went to a few of our favorite San Diego thrift shops.  We had some lunch at home to spare some costs and then headed to Tiki Oasis.  The car show was in full swing when we arrived.

Dave wore an amazing saucer atomic shirt I gifted him at Christmas and I wore my favorite colorful palazzo jumpsuit which I scored in San Diego right before we moved to Oregon.

We met up with our good friends Jonny and Vanessa.

This Cadillac was amazing!!!

I expected there to be more "space" themed vehicles and this one came the closest to that genre.  It was built in 2013 and is called a "decopod". It was designed specifically for the current owner by Automotive artist Randy Grubb.  The body was entirely scratch built and installed over a modified three-wheeled Piaggio "MP3" 250CC scooter.  It is ofter referred to as "Flash Gordon's personal mobility device".  In 2014 the decopod appeared in an episode of "Jay Leno's Garage", in which Jay rode the scooter and called it "wonderful" and "stupid fun".

Dave and I hope to be proud owners of a vintage trailer someday.  I loved the themeing and set up of this woodie and trailer.

Gil insisted I take a photo of the Tikiyaki Orchestra shorty van.  He hopes to do someting similar with his shorty van which he is currently restoring.

After viewing all the cars we moved inside onto the tiki marketplace.

There were so many amazing vendors this year! Sadly because we started our day late we didn't make it to the outside vendors in time before they started closing shop.  I was really bummed out I didn't get a chance to view what they had brought.  Poor planning on my part.  I figured we would be back Sunday......which did not happen after all.

Vanessa, Natalie and I.

As always the Tiki Oasis Artshow had some amazing submissions. I love this martian lady by Atomikitty.  She did that amazing big eye meets Bell, Book, Candle piece I died over last year. I absolutely love her style.

We did get outside to see the vendors just as they were closing shop.

I was so happy I got a chance to say hello to Nancy and Dana!  See you two at Tiki Day in a few days!  I got distracted as the kiddie costume show started and didn't get a chance to look at their wonderful goods.  Nancy did notice I was sporting one of her amazing Fancy Fruits tiki hair flowers which I purchased on my last shopping trip in Burbank, CA. Be sure to visit Nancy's Etsy store here and Dana's Miss Moss Vintage Shops Facebook page here

As I said earlier I was distracted by the Kiddie Costume compeititon as it was so stinkin' cute!

King Kukulele was the host and the kids totally stole the show with their cute responses to his questions about their space themed costumes.

Katy 2000 (in the front left) was the winner! Her costume was enhanced with a voice changer that reminded me of the voice of Vicki the on 1980's television show Small Wonder.

A family that "themes" together stays together!

Next up were the group costumes.

First up were the ladies of Drop Dead Dames Burlesque Revue of San Diego.  They were dressed up as "Miss Solar Systems".  Each planet was represented with gleaming showgirl themed flare.  They were all gorgeous!

Next up was an astronaut with his primate coworker.

Followed by my favorite Jenie and her astronaunts!

This atomic couple was too cute.

Followed by two Space Cadettes.

Jenie and her astronauts ended up taking first prize!

After the costume shows we caught up with some friends.  Here I am with the amazing Jason Lee!

I'm so happy we had some time to say hello to our friends Ivan and Eleanora.  It was a really short visit as the timing just wasn't right.  However we have some plans on the horizon to spend more time with these two.  Love and miss them so much!

We went home to eat dinner, cool down, and change before returning to the Hanelei for some more Tiki Oasis fun. Dave wore a terry cloth lined top I thrifted him earlier this year.  I wore a recent muumuu I thrifted in San Diego that very weekend.  It was nice to  relax and change because it was so hot and humid that weekend.

Later that night we took part in our friend Daren's midnight cigar meet up.

Dave and Jonny.

Me and Vanessa.

Sunday was our last day in San Diego sadly.  Wish we would have planned to stay one more additional day. We had brunch with our friends at Bella Cafe Vista Social Club & Cafe' located in La Jolla.  It was a nice chance to see everyone one last time before we flew back home to Oregon.

Below are some of my thrift finds and purchases from our stay in San Diego.  I picked up this fantastic vintage Shriners Oasis of San Diego charm bracelet at a local thrift shop.  I thought it made for the perfect souvenir for the weekend.

The buttons, tiki earrings, matching tiki drummer brooches and Ouija bracelet were all purchased in the Tiki Marketplace at Tiki Oasis.  I thrifted the fish brooch and bought the kitty brooch from Frock You Boutique.  I love love love my Litewood Enchanted Tiki Room drummer brooches and have worn them every chance I get.  Be sure to check out their website here.  My Ouija bracelet is from Ms. Formaldehyde.  Please be sure to visit her Etsy store here.

My last souvenir to share is probably the most special one since it was purchased at the same place where David proposed to me, The Bali Hai. Isn't their latest mug the coolest. It's a combination of Mr. Bali Hai and the Goof on the Roof. So pleased with this purchase.

Now time for the Thank yous!  Thank you to all of our friends that set time aside to visit with us while we were in the area.  Thank you to Gil and Cimmaron for hosting a wonderful place for us to stay while we were in town and Gil for driving us everywhere!  Thank you to Jonny and Vanessa for spending so much time with us; even scheduling time off work for us!  Thank you to the friends that we got to see and sorry it wasn't longer: Lindsay, Rosalynn & Jeff, Ivan and Eleanora, Toby, Natalie, Daren, Liz, and all of our other Tikiphile friends!  And finally a huuuugggggee thank you to Baby Doe and Otto for putting on such an amazing party and to all of the wonderful volunteers that help keep it together!  We look forward to attending this event every year and will for many years to come!!!! A big Mahalo to everyone involved!

Til' Next Time,



  1. Ahhhh you look like you had such a blast!! I swear, I'll be at Tiki O next year!
    And ok, I swear I tried that jumpsuit on when Janey visited last year, but didn't feel like hemming it up. Did you get it at Buffalo in Hilcrest? Anywhozle, it's ADORABLE on you!

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts

    1. I found it at a different thrift shop in town actually. Too bad you didn't buy that one we could be matchy matchy!! Dave and I will not be attending TO next year but have opted instead to attend VLV. Since the move we have to be more sensible about our time off and money spent on flying. It was basically one or the other. The following year we will be back at TO. ;)