Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ratrod-O-Rama 2015

Back in August Dave and I attended the 8th Annual Ratrod-O-Rama car show that took place in Pottsville, Oregon.

It was so hot that day.  I'm guessing up in the mid 90's, so we didn't last that long.

There were so many great vehicles on display.  It was a mix of ratrods, classics, kustom, and hot rods.

Love this pinup art!

The event took place at the historical Pottsville Museum which features a Pioneer town and many other outdoor exhibits and collections. To learn more check their website here.

This VW Beetle belongs to my coworker's son. I'm always a big fan of people that ad themeing to their displays at car shows.

This added spider detail was killer!

Always a fan of the Oldsmobiles.  Dave had one prior to owning his Falcon and speaks about it all the time.  He really regrets selling it.

The photo of this vintage Mini for our friend Gil who is a Mini fanatic!

The cow ride was onsite for the kiddos.  My niece would have insisted on ridding this if she had come with us as she did at the Ocktoberfest last year.

This wagon was stunning inside and out!!!

I wore my Steady Clothing skull gingham skirt, a black criss cross top purchased from the Oblong Box Shop, and accessorized with my Litewood tiki drummer brooches by Match Accessories and flowers by my dear friend Angie.

The trophies were perfectly themed!

There were a few bands there including our friends, a local surf rock band,  The Sleazetones.

Next up was the Pinup contest.  They had a 20 contestants.  We only made it through the first ten contestants question and answer round.

The heat was too much to take!  We wanted to stay to see the end of the Pinup contest but needed to escape the heat.  We ended up hitting up a thrift shop before heading home.  

I'm glad we did because I found some items I certainly couldn't live without. I'm not a doll collector, however I insisted on taking home this beautiful Hawaiian doll from the late 40'sto early 50's. 

I was shocked to find this Redbook magazine from 1945 in the book section of the store. No doubt this was coming home with me.

My last find to share is this incredibly gorgeous Emma Domb black chiffon dress I stumbled upon.   It is in incredible condition but sadly won't fit me.  I'm still debating if I should sell it or keep it for the possible thinner me.  I would love to be able to wear it to the Viva Las Vegas weekender but I'm not sure I could drop 8 inches before then.

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  1. was doing a search for ratrod-o-rama images and found your blog.

    I did the bomber pinup art on Rays Plymouth and that is my 64 falcon wagon with the hand painted wood grain