Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthdays and Taxes

Whew.....It has surely been a crazy last couple of weeks and looks to be a packed fun filled summer ahead of me with Ink & Iron/Motor Rama, concerts, summer road trips, weddings, and many more adventures to be planned. Today was my first day off in close to three weeks.  I slept in until 8am (which is pretty good for me these days as it's getting harder to sleep in past 7:30am), got up and hand washed some goodies I recently thrifted, made breakfast, and headed out for a mini day of pampering and shopping.  I need to do some back tracking to get you all caught. I squeezed in some thrifting with Dave throughout the past few weekends and the highlights were a Bakelite butterscotch ring, some milk glass items, a Tiki Farm decanter, and many LP's. 

With the influence of Dave I purchased a record player from Target and thus has my vinyl obsession has begun. 

Today I hit up a couple stores in San Diego but was blown away by Thrift Trader's awesome $2.00 album bins.  I felt like I did some big damage but in the end only spent $30 on all the vinyl I ended up purchasing.  A couple highlights were some compilation big band albums, Taboo by Arthur Lyman and a couple Artie Shaw albums.  Speaking of Artie Shaw, I finally got to give Dave his birthday gift that I have been sitting on for over four months.  I found him a small hunting knife on Ebay that belonged to Dave's favorite big band leader Artie Shaw and decided that it had to be his.  I waited until his birthday to give it to him as the date on the authenticity certificate shows that it was bought at Artie Shaw's Estate sale on Dave's actual birthday!  The big reveal paid off and he is still ecstatic about it!  Unfortunately this will be a hard gift to top in the future.

Well, I'm getting sleepy and I am looking forward to a slower pace tomorrow at the office. Just finishing my six loads of laundry that have built up in the past crazy weeks, and calling it a night.

Good Night Darlings!

- Suz

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  1. You scored big! I can't wait to come down & thrift with you! Vinyl is like tattooing, once you start you can't stop.