Sunday, April 8, 2012

Waterfall Vanity

This has been a week full of surprises and great opportunities.  I was searching around craigslist for vintage furniture during the week and came across an opportunity I could not pass up.  The advertisement was for a vintage waterfall styled vanity that came from the 1930's and not only came with the mirror but a matching chair as well.  It was a bargain for the listed price; I couldn't resist this buy.  Dave did me the HUGE favor of picking it up for me with the help of a friend.  I'm so grateful for his help as he did it on his day off work and without the help of his friend, who happened to drive a car big enough to transfer, it would have been pretty impossible for me to acquire this awesome piece of furniture. I had been using a dingy bookcase that I purchased at Target years ago to store my girly vanity items and was a little concerned that it wouldn't all fit in the vanity; but everything fit perfectly and I was even left with some more room to grow :)

Dave thinks the vanity was made somewhere in Virginia and sold in Cleveland, Ohio according to the manufacturing tag he found when inspecting it.  The kind lady that sold me the vanity said that she purchased it in the early 1970's from someone here in San Diego whom she thinks was the original owner.  I explained my love of all things vintage to her and she ended up throwing in some very lovely figurines for free.  She told Dave that they go with the vanity so I made sure to keep them displayed on it.

I didn't have room to display the third one but it looks nice on the night stand next to my bed.  That was very nice of her to pass those onto me.  She told Dave that they are at least 80 years old.  The one with the lady in the pink dress has "Bobbie" carved on the bottom which leads me to believe these were hand made.  Just gorgeous!! 

This weekend was the bi monthly Big Frocking Sale at Frock You.  I wasn't sure if I was going to have time this weekend to check out the sales as I have been pretty busy at work with the deadline, but with a little luck I had some time Sunday morning not only to check out the sales but have brunch with some friends before heading to work...yes on Easter.

My hual consisted of a very cute vinyl black purse with bamboo styled lucite handle, a plaid maid's uniform from the 60's, and bangles.  All good buys and I spent under $25 for it all.

After a little time at the office, Dave and I ended up driving to the Bali Hai for some appetizers and Tiki drinks.  We explored Shelter Island before calling it a day. 

I can't believe the weekend is already at it's end.  Nine more days to go until the deadline.  Lots of fun and more vintage adventures to come.  Good night darlings!

Till next time,


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