Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello Internet!

Hello Ladies and Gents.  This is my very first blog.  So exciting!  I have had trouble updating my about me section so I'll take the time to type it in my first blog.  My name is Suzanne and I'm a hard working gal that is obsessed with anything produced between the 1920's and 1960's.  I love the thrill of the hunt while thrifting and antiquing.  I feel as though it is one of the many things I do to live by the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra.  Follow me on my journey through my many vintage adventures! 

Dave is my boyfriend who I'll more than likely mention in here several times as he shares the same obsession, although his is a little more narrowed to late 1920's and 1940's.

Today was a day off from work as I work in the accounting industry so it's not uncommon that I end up working through the weekend but I was generously given the day off.  I utilized this time off by catching up on some sleep.  I then did a quick search to see if there were any Estate sales in my area and found two that stood out.  I was unsuccessful with my first stop but did however find a vintage store I hadn't been to before, located in South Park called Bad Madge & Company, and ended finding some atomic styled salt and pepper shakers.  After that I drove to Del Cerro for an Estate sale and ended up with a great little hual.  I was sad to see that I had missed out on purchasing a fantastic mid century furniture set but know they went to good homes.  I ended up buying a red, white, and blue enamel flower pin that will match perfectly along with one of my outfits for Ink & Iron in June.  I also bought a vintage circular red gingham table cloth, red hand made gingham apron, oval frame (that i put Dave's silhouette picture from a recent trip to Disneyland in), a fantastic American flag scarf (also to be worn and Ink & Iron), a Pyrex dish with matching holder, and cute Halloween decoration.  I spent a total of $20 and was very happy with my finds.

Dave got off work at 3pm and we ventured off towards La Mesa where we hit up a Good Will and Antique Mall.  Good Will was very good to me.  I found a lava Easter Island tiki statue, black and white 40's styled heels, brand new unopened DVD of Wild Boyz seasons one and two, and a very cute western themed scarf.  Dave was the big winner finding a Georgio Armani mint green 30's styled suit.  We did some research online and found that the same suit he purchased retails for roughly $2000.00.  He paid $19.99!!  We then headed to the Antique Mall where I found some glass grapes which found a good home on my coffee table the second we got home.

 Dave found a stuffed rooster that will be a great addition to his friend's saloon.  All in all it was a day full of great finds.  We ended the day having dinner at Flemings and called it a night as I have an early and very busy next two weeks ahead of me.

Well I'm looking forward to starting this new blog and hope it inspires others in their search for vintage goodies.  Good night darlings.

Till next time!

- Suz

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