Monday, June 18, 2012

Koby Swap Meet

I had a successful yard sale this last Saturday.  Everything that didn't sell I donated to Good Will.  It feels good to feel a little lighter in my place but it's hard to truly see where I lightened up.  Sunday morning Dave and I went to the Koby Swap Meet here in San Diego.  It occurs weekly every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  We have been wanting to go together for months but Dave's work schedule has kept us from going.  He finally caught a break and had Sunday morning free.  We both scored big and found some great items.

My first find was this vintage western genuine leather purse.  There is a stamp on the side that says Mexico.  I'm not sure exactly how to date it but Dave thought it was either from the 60's or 70's based on the zipper. The strap is broken but is an easy fix.  I spent $20 on it.

I love my second find.  I paid just $4 for a set of six turquoise blue Melmac cups (from 1940's-1960's).  Dave has talked about wanting to purchase a vintage trailer and I thought these would make for the perfect cup ware for a vintage trailer someday.

The next two were buys I bargained down the price for.  The first is a risque nut cracker shaped in the form of a busty lady.  My research shows this is from the Philippines.  It gave me a good laugh.  It will be fun to have it out with a bowl of peanuts when hosting my next get together.   The second is a vintage wooden souvenir photo album book from Hawaii with 20 photos intact from a family's vacation there most likely in the 60's.  I was so excited to find this especially with the pictures included.

Dave spotted the next items for me to add to my Mid-Century teak cat collection.  They are too cute!  Good eye Dave!

The following are Dave's finds.  His first find was exactly what he was hoping to find.  A 1940's deco style toaster that, yes, still works!  The handles tested positive for Bakelite as well. 

His next find is this Ice-O-Mat.  It's used to crush ice and will look perfect on his bar.  Still works and even has a wall mount on it in case he wants to hang it in his kitchen.

His last find for the day took a little coaxing on my part to convince him to purchase it.  It's a vintage lighter in the shape of a gun.  It's detailing on the metal is amazing.  I may have to borrow this if I dress up in 1920's style fashion for Halloween.

Above are our pictures of success!  We had a great time hunting and look forward to doing it again soon.

Till' next time,



  1. Great finds! I love the photo album; I am always on the hunt for those!

    1. Thanks Mr. Tiny! :) I love collecting vintage Hawaii souviners and I knew this wasn't one to pass on.

  2. Nice! I also have that ice-o-mat :) I got a little Sunday morning swap break too! I bought a box full of 45's for $5. I went through them and grabbed the ones I wanted. You are welcomes to comb through the rest and have what you like for free. See ya soon!

    1. Sounds great!! Wow $5!! What a steal!

  3. Great finds! Hunting and finding treasures on fleamarkets is the best. Your umbrella is so beautiful. Is it a fleamarket find too? Or did you buy it regularly? Hugs from Miss Maple

  4. I am glad he got the lighter! Oh my I am super jealous!