Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Finds

This was another fantastic weekend for finds.  Dave and I ventured out thrifting Friday and Sunday afternoons and I hit up an Estate sale located in La Jolla early Sunday morning. Below are my finds.

The first are glasses and a cute Bennihana kitty mug I picked up at Good Will.  We went to the one located in East Village which neither of us had checked out before.  I really liked their parking availability considering their downtown location. 

I love the starburst designs on these juice glasses and was conviced with the buy not only by the $0.99 price tag but by the fact that they are Anchor Hocking brand glasses.

I'm doubtful this glass is vintage but I loved the cherry designs on the side.  One of my most commonly used glasses at home has a strawberry design so I guess I thought these would compliment each other.

The kitty bennihana mug was a no brainer, especially at $1.95 price tag.  I have it propertly positioned facing my door for good luck.

I have a collection of monkey pod and teak wood animal figures and this smiling whale was not one to pass on.  It even had the sticker intact.

I instantly feel in love with these two Hawaiian pinapple wall hangings.  These would be fantastic to use on his and hers bathroom doors for a Tiki bar someday (one of  my many dream business ventures) but for the time being they look great aside my Tiki mug collection.

Is it even possible to pass on purple and pink plaid?  Great circle skirt find.

The following are my finds from the La Jolla Estate sale.  Various scarfs and lace tablecloth.

 I purchased this vintage 50's Halloween children's book as I love to collect vintage Halloween items and for $0.50 it was a steal.
 I am was so excited to find these black velvet gloves.  They are in excellent condition and the best part, they fit my hands!!  I come across some pretty gorgeous gloves but have the continuing problem of my hands been too big.

 I purchased these four beautiful costume jewelry necklaces at the bargain deal of just $2.00 for them all. 

I think the Pendleton was my best find for just $5!!!  It's in great shape and has no holes or signs of moth invasion. 

I bought Dave the brown samsonite suitcase for just $10.00.  He was truly happy as it's in great shape inside and out.  The other two I found at the AmVets located in Chula Vista.  I now have a set of three as these two match one i purchased from a neighbor a couple weeks back.

 This is my star find for the weekend.  It is my very first Jadeite thrift store find.  I have purchased Jadeite before at antique stores but have never thrifted one.  I believe it is a sugar bowl.  I supposed I need to find the lid now :)
 Tiki wall hanging. 

Dave bought me the two albums on the left; Hula Blues and Johnny Cash.  I purchased the Stray Cats album at the estate sale.  Great additions to my ever growing collection of vinyl.

Well that's all for now. 

Till' next time,



  1. Lots of lovely finds! My absolute fav are the velvet gloves though. So snazzy!

  2. Those are fantastic finds! I love the white maneko neki kitty...I find that those are very hard to find at thrifts stores. I look all the time and never find them. I have a secret for you, regarding those first two glasses! Years ago, they used to sell this weird spreadable "cheeze" stuff that had bits of pineapple in it (EW!!!I know!!). My grandma used to buy it and try to make me eat it. It came packaged in those glasses, with a foil, removable top, and that was part of the got a free glass with your freaky "cheeze"!

  3. Hehe I guess you find some, you find some freaky cheeze glasses. :) thanks for the insight!

  4. Dear Miss, you've made great purchases. I love the Halloween children's book. Would so much like to have a peek inside cause I love Halloween like you. The Jadeite sugar bowl is so pretty. I only knew from white milk glass and malachite glass but haven't heard of Jadeite yet. So interesting! Hugs from Miss Maple

    1. Thanks Miss! I have a slight obsession with Jadeite as it is an expensive item to collect. I would however never pass on a thrift purchase. Below is a link to a little article about Jadeite's history:

      I have a little bit of a collection which I will do a blog on soon.

  5. Georgie's Halloween! I used to love that book, till my brothers fed it to our dog at the time :(