Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thrifted Clothes and Hats, and more Clothes!

With my road trip ever fast approaching I wanted to make sure I posted a few blogs of my recent finds as I'm sure I will be coming home with several other goodies to blog about.

I absolutely love wearing hats, but have the hardest time finding ones that fit my head and my very full head of hair.  I have very thick hair which means I look horrid in hats unless my hair is pulled back, or to the side, or perhaps straightened.  I came across these two beauties on a recent shopping trip and was astonished to find they fit and that I didn't look half bad wearing them (if  I do say so myself).  I'm not sure how old these are.  The red one had no markings.  The blue was made in San Francisco by a company called Lancaster.  The netting is slightly torn but nothing that takes away from it's beauty.  I'm planning on wearing the red one on our up coming trip.

I came across this beautiful circle skirt and was instantly sold on it, not only by the beautiful blue, but the awesome palm leaf pattern.  Up close you'll see it has sequins to highlight the black markings.  It's vintage inspired and a beauty at that.

Winter is coming, despite it being in the 90's today here in San Diego!  I loved the chevron pattern in this Pendleton sweater.  Looking forward to wearing it sooner rather than later.

One suggestion I have for finding vintage in thrift stores is to make sure you stop in during October as I find that most thrift stores place older or vintage clothing in the Halloween section.  I came across this barcloth Hilo Hawaiian dress in the Halloween section recently.  It's not vintage but just another awesome piece to add to my collection and clothing options for next years' Tiki Oasis and or Tiki Day. 

This dress yelled "Joan Holloway" to me the second I tried it on.  Great dress from the 60's and will be a great dress to wear in the winter months to the office.

The pattern alone is what sold me on this bathing suit wrap skirt from Hawaii.  Who doesn't want to sport a tiki pink peacock pattern anyways?!?

Here is yet another thrift store "Halloween" section find.  I'm looking forward to piecing this together with a black dress in a recent outing.  So cute!

Lastly I leave you with a beautiful dress that I thrifted for a friend.  Part of my thrifting madness is I have a hard time passing on pieces that i know won't even fit me.  I have become my friend Alisha's personal shopper.  Doesn't she look fabulous!

Knick knacks and other thrift find blog to follow soon!

Till' Next Time,



  1. beautiful hats! and that shiny coat is great too!

    1. Thank you! I wore the red one with a navy blue and white polka dot dress on a recent day a Yosemite Park. All i need now are some good hat boxes to store them.