Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tiki Thrift Finds

The past month has been a fantastic month for tiki thrift finds.  I was fortunate to find several mugs this month (tiki and siestaware) and my grandma even found me my first OMC labeled mug.  I picked up another Warehouse restaurant mug to add to my collection and the Trader Sam's mug was my souvenir from "Tiki Day" at Disneyland.

 I found this mug most recently.   I am learning to always look on the bottom of all mugs as I feel like I had passed up this mug on various trips to this particular thrift store and just now bothered to look on the bottom to find out it was in fact a Tiki Farm mug.  They year stamp is hard to make out but I think it is from 2003.

There was a huge amount of Siestaware mugs at one of the stores.  I opted just to purchase the ones that bore the Siestaware stamp.  Love the steins!

Now I have more room to store my mugs!!  Great buy for just $3.00.

This tiki was a little bit pricey but was very hard to pass on.  I love the detailing on this idol.

Lastly, I came across two very awesome monkey pod pieces to add to my collection.  The sugar bowls are two cute and I immediately grabbed the pupu appetizer pineapple toothpick server.  I think I may have even jumped for joy in the store upon my discovery.  I cannot wait to use these! 

Till' Next Time,



  1. Great! We have a bar unit in our place and I desperately want to make it a Tiki Bar for the Fella's Christmas gift! These are great finds!

  2. What an awesome gift!! I would love to have a full Tiki bar in my home. That's on my definite list of things to do once I get a bigger place.