Tuesday, November 6, 2012

California Cross State Road Trip - Ft. Jones and Medford

On day four of our road trip we woke up at my sister's house and continued our drive onto my parent's house which is located just outside of Fort Jones, CA.  We spent the day thrifting and visiting local antique stores located in Redding before heading onto Fort Jones and therefore arrived at my parents just around sun down.  The next morning we woke up, had a fantastic breakfast (Serbian Eggs; my favorite breakfast dish my mom makes), went for a mini hike on my parent's property, and spent much of the day visiting with them and relaxing at their house.

My parent's are by no means "well off".  They worked very hard for years and saved up to retire before 60 years of age and live in their "dream home".  I'm so proud of what they have accomplished and how lucky they are to be living out their dream together.  They purchased this log cabin styled house about a year ago. 

I slept in the loft area (as shown below) while I was there.  It's too cute, and I'm bummed I didn't get any pictures of it, as my mom has decorated the loft area with a mix of a few of hers, my dad's, and us kid's toys and books through the years.  She has it all ready for the grand kids to enjoy. (just one more month before the first grand kid arrives).  I found myself flipping through some of my favorite childhood books before going to bed and using the view master to look at vintage Disneyland slides.  Ahhhhh to be young again.

Below are a few pictures of my Mom's vintage collections.  Like mother like daughter remains very true between the two of us.

It was nice to relax by the stove as it was very cold while we were visiting.

We have many artists in our family.  This painting was done by my Uncle Mark of Half Dome located in Yosemite National Park.

Here are my folks just before we took our mini hike on their property.

They have a spectacular view of Mt. Shasta from their house.  I probably have a dozen photos of this mountain as it's so hard not to take a picture of it.

My dad the tour guide.


This is a view of their house while we were on the hike.

After the hike Dave, my dad and I retreated to my dad's music room the "Cavern" as he calls it.  (He's a huge Beatles fan, if you caught the reference).  He owns almost all of the original Beatles albums released through the years and has them proudly displayed on the walls with a few of his other favorite movie posters.

These are a few of his decanters in his collection.  I believe they originally belonged to my great grandfather. The one in the right hand corner is actually a music box and has a ballerina in the middle of the bottle that dances when wound up.

Hehe!  I thought this was great.


My parents had me go through a few of my boxes they have been storing for me while I was home.  I ended setting a lot of it away to be donated as well as thrown away.  I did not throw away my poppel however. 

Dave helped my dad look over the world war II jeep, which my grandpa had passed onto my dad.  I'm so lucky to be with a guy that knows his cars.  Dave got it to start and had a quick fix on how my dad may be able to get it driving once again.

The next day we woke up and got ready to head out for some quick thrift and antique shopping in Fort Jones, Yreka, and then headed to Medford.  Here are Dave and I in downtown Yreka.

I could not for the life of me convince Dave to buy this hat.  I thought he looked great in it!

Here are a few of the sites when driving through Fort Jones.  What a cute church.  There was even a deer in front grazing the grass as we drove by.

It was snowing slightly as we drove to Medford which is an hour or so north of where my parents live.  The weather was drab and overcast so I didn't get too many pictures of Medford.

We ended the evening, before driving back to my parent's house, in Jacksonville at the Frau Kemmling Schoolhaus German restaurant.  It was very good and we had a blast competing as "The Griswolds" for a trivia night they were holding.  We were doing great up until they did a puzzle with local signs which we got two out of fifteen points on.  We exited out before the final round but did manage to win a raffle drawing that night.  I ordered Ace's pumpkin ale which was delightful.

We woke up the next morning and had our farewells with my parents.  In visiting my folks I also got the opportunity to see my kitty Bella.  She's getting old and frail (she is 12 years old after all).  I never brought her with me to San Diego as I wasn't exactly sure what my living situation would be like and I didn't want to confine her to a tiny apartment since she was already used to living with my parents.  I do however miss her so much and am always amazed how she remembers me each time I visit.

Below are some finds and gifts from my week at my parents house.  My dad let me go through his records and even let me leave with a few of my favorites.

None of these bracelets test positive for Bakelite but they were too cute to pass up on.

I found a full set of vintage knives, spoons and forks that all have the atomic astrix on the handle's of the utensils.  My mom said she grew up with the same set.
I found, yet again, another kitty to add to my collection.  It's now a complete set.  I also couldn't pass on these Christmas tree decorations.

I plan on using these frames in the future.  They are lens less so I have the option using them either as eye glasses or sun glasses.

Thought this bag was darling.


This is by far my favorite find from Medford.  It's a vintage styled women's coat with a very vibrant fleck pattern.  I've worn this several times over already.  It's so easy to wear with various outfits as there are several colors in the fleck.  I also love the seams on the back of the coat.  There were no tags which leads me to assume that this is a hand made item (my favorite type of finds!).

My dad gave me this coconut lamp.  Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect lamp shade.
I found these two poodle pins in a jewelry box that my mom had displayed in the loft area.  I remember seeing these in years past and never thought to ask if I could have them.  My mom didn't even hesitate when I asked if I could take them home with me.  I especially love the pink one.

Dave and I had a fantastic visit with my folks and then drove to our next and last stop of the road trip, Mariposa, CA to visit with my grandparents.  To be continued...

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  1. I second that! He should have bought the hat BUT it looks like you got enough great hits to make up for the one miss!