Friday, November 16, 2012

California Cross State Road Trip - Mariposa and the End of Our Journey

We spent that last part of our road trip at my grandparent's house located in Mariposa, CA.  I love visiting their house as it holds so many wonderful memories.  I wish that we could have had more time with them but we used our time wisely while we were there and got a lot done. A day trip to Yosemite (as seen in my previous blog), a walk through and shopping in downtown Mariposa, dinner at a local Mexican restaurant, and thrifting! Below is a picture of my grandparent's cute house.  They also have a creek and pond on their property which unfortunately, due to time restraints, we did not have time to properly visit.

Here are just a few pictures of my grandma's decorations throughout the property mixed in with their natural surroundings.

There are a few artists in my family.  I unfortunately did not acquire that gene and I truly wish I had.  Below are a few paintings spread throughout my grandparent's house done by my uncle and grandma.

My grandma is the family tree guru for our family history and she made these very awesome memory boxes dedicated to past family members.  The first one is for my Great Grandma Annie, followed by my Great Grandma Loudell, and my Great Grandpa Jose.  I'm so grateful that my grandma has kept track of these treasures and continues to keep their memory alive within the family.

My grandma had her Halloween decorations up throughout the house which included a few of the ceramic pieces my Great Grandma Lou had made years ago.  I actually noticed her name was carved on the bottom of these four pieces unbeknownst to my grandma.  She was surprised she had never noticed that before and decided since I made the discovery I should keep them.  The redhead witch in the green dress is too cute!

My grandma also passed on this beautiful Hawaiian quilt pillow.  I love this quilt style.  My mom has a quilt similar on display at her house on the loft railings.  I believe it's in one of the pictures of my past blog spent at their house.

This was a truly special gift from my grandma.  This was her high school graduation gift from her father in the 1940's.  I've decided to set this aside to be used as my wedding purse someday.

Mariposa was a great place for tiki mug thrift finds, as I mentioned in my last blog.  I managed to buy all five of these for just $20.  Two of them have the OMC label on the bottom as well.

This was a cheap purchase as well.  I'm currently using it to hold my make up brushes.  I love anything that has the gold and pink combination. 

A FireKing mug for $3...yes please!

I've started yet another collection of vintage ashtrays to be used as candy dishes.  These were a few cool finds on my trip.

The weather was clear and beautiful on our way home.  I miss the Central Valley but was happy to be back home in San Diego, and especially in my own bed.

Hope you all are having a great week.  Thrift blog and blog about my best find on the trip to follow soon.

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