Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tiki in the Blood aka Family (finding family treasures in photos)

I had the opportunity to go through my late Grandma Shirley's photos while I was visiting my parents last month.  I came across some awesome ones and one that completely blew my head off.  It all started when I was sitting in my mom's kitchen chit chatting and admiring her new family photo wall.  It's a nice mix of family on both my father's and my mother's side. 

I was admiring my Grandma Shirley's fashions, hair, and petite physic' she had in the 1950's.  This was my grandparent's wedding picture.

Then I spotted this beauty on the wall.  It's a picture taken at at Christmas in 1966 at my grandparent's house.  If you look closely at the middle of the picture you will notice the tiki mugs I spotted.  They were having tiki drinks on Christmas!!  One of the mugs says "Islander" which was a tiki bar in Stockton, CA just twenty minutes away from where they lived.  I love so much about this photo.  I love the whip fiberglass lamp shade, love my grandma's hair (bottom right corner), and the fact she is wearing an apron and getting her tiki on at the same time; which is something I have known to do as well.  This picture is nothing but epic.

This led to me to look at a few boxes of her photos my parents had in storage and these are some of the other beauties of photos I came across.  Below is my grandma and my mom posing in front of the family car.  It's the same car , a 1957 Ford Country Squire, that Betty Draper drove in the early seasons of Mad Men.  This photo was taken in 1959.

Next is a photo of my grandma enjoying the sun rays of Central California donning her best pin up pose.  This photo was taken in 1960.

Here is a great one of my mom and aunt posing in front of the now gone "Chicken of the Sea" restaurant which once stood in Fantasyland at Disneyland.  The photo was taken in 1963.

The next few photos were taken at Knott's Berry Farm in 1951.  My grandma is the rebel in the top left sticking her leg out the window of the building.

Here are my grandparent's in a photo taken in San Francisco (probably at Fisherman's Wharf) in 1954.
I hope you all had an excellent Halloween.  Below are a few shots of me taken at my office yesterday.  What a fabulous excuse to wear a tiki dress to work and not to mention ditch the heels for a day in flip flops.  The mug was a recent gift from Dave's sister Debbie.  Yet another excellent addition to my collection.

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