Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don the Beachcomber

Earlier this month, January 1st to be exact, Dave and I decided to venture up to Long Beach for a mini day road trip.  We ended up spending more than two hours in the Long Beach Antiques Mall that had tons of good items that were also priced low.  We could have surely spent another hour or more in the store but we had plans to meet up with my cousin in Huntington Beach at Don the Beachcomber. 

Don the Beachcomber was originally established in the 1930's by Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt.  His motto was "If you can't get to paradise; I'll bring it to you".  The original Don's was actually located on Hollywood Boulevard and was frequented by several Hollywood and movie celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin and Howard Hughes just to name a few.  The popularity of the restaurant and bar caught on and many other Don the Beachcomber's began to spring up throughout the country. 

You must visit Don's if you are a fan of tiki decor. There are waterfalls, tropical flowers and plants, and many tiki gods throughout. 

They also host several tiki events including the International Tiki Marketplace (held at various times throughout the year) as well as Tiki Highway (held in August).  This time we were just stopping in for some appetizers, drinks, and good conversation.  We sat in the Dagger Bar.

My cousin Jill and I opted to have "Tidal Waves".  They were so yummy!!

Don's Ohana is a storing case reserved for those guests that frequent the bar and have consumed several of offered the tiki drinks.

We decided to venture through the rest of the building after finishing off our drinks and bites.

Wouldn't this make for an ideal tiki themed wedding location, (wink wink).

I hope you are all having a good week!  Several more blogs to follow and hopefully another very exciting announcement regarding Viva Las Vegas!
Till' Next Time,


  1. That place looks awesome! It would make a great Tiki themed wedding.
    I'm planning on going to my first Tiki bar when we go to Vegas.

  2. I'm guessing you are planning on visiting Frankie's Tiki Room? :) I love that place! I'm planning do the same.

    1. Yes that's the place. I figure I may as well go to one since there aren't any cool bars near me.

  3. Frankie's is definitely on my list of things to do at Viva!!
    I've been wanted to go to Don's for the longest time...it's less than an hour south of me, so I need to make it happen! Maybe when they have one of those tiki marketplaces?
    It looks like a great place for a wedding :-)