Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New and Exciting Beginnings!!

So far, this has been a fantastic start to a new year.  My friend Rosalynn, of Modern Love Vintage, has invited me to join her store.  I have several items I have come across in my thrifting that I'd be happy to list for sale.  I took part in a photo shoot and will have some items up soon.  I'm excited to be a part of the store and look forward to having even more of an excuse to thrift shop.  Please be sure to check out our etsy store here! 

The next exciting bit of news is that my time off request for March was approved! I am so excited to share that I will be attending Viva Las Vegas car show for very my first year.  Dave will be performing with Jonny B and the Avenues this year.  I'm just as excited, if not more, to see him take the stage.  I need to start planning what I'm going to wear!!  Any suggestions or helpful tips for a newbie like me?

Next in the exciting news is....I got engaged over the weekend!!!! Dave took me out to dinner at The Bali Hai Restaurant Saturday night.  I truly didn't think anything of it.  In fact I wasn't even dressed or ready to go when he showed up to pick me up.  The restaurant was packed but not horrible.  There was live Hawaiian music (which I'm always a fan of). A few minutes into dinner I noticed a couple that looked familiar sat right next to us.  It was my friend Angie.  She was out to dinner with a friend who was visiting from out of town and it was entirely a true coincident that she picked that very same restaurant and ended up seated next to us.  We ate dinner and told them we would meet them at the bar when they were done with dinner.  Dave opted to step outside to get some air.  Again I thought nothing of it.

Dave said something like "let's walk down to that statue". My response "it's too far"...hehe I nearly blew it for him.  So he distracted me by asking me how many days had we been together.  It took me much longer than it should have to do the math (take in mind I had just had some awesome tiki drinks with dinner).  Once I gave him the number he lightly grabbed me by the arm as to stop me from walking and said "I couldn't imagine anyone else in the world that I'd rather spend the rest of my days with".  He then got on his knee pulled out a jewelry box to show me the beautiful 1930's white gold diamond ring he had picked out for me a week prior.  I was shocked!!  Said yes, pretty quickly and repeatedly, and laid a big kiss on my now fiance'!

We went back to the restaurant and I approached Angie at the bar.  I told her I had an important question for her.  I said to her "since you have been there at the start of Dave and my relationship, and basically pushed me to talk to him the night we met; that I couldn't think of someone better to marry us.  Will you marry us?".  I then showed her the ring and she screamed with joy!  We toasted with glasses of champagne and the phone calls to family shortly began afterwards.

We are hoping for a wedding around June of 2014.  This will give us ample time to plan the wedding allowing for me to stay focused on work with up coming tax deadlines and he with school.  We will likely be moving in together this summer.  I'm so excited to plan and already have a good idea about what venues we want to look at, theme, color.  Whew....lots of planning ahead of us. 

Here is a detailed picture of the ring.  I love it.  He did such a good job.  Now to shop for a wedding bands next!  I'm hoping not to inundate this page with wedding talk, but it will be hard not to as I'm pretty sure the planning will consume my life for the next year and a half.  I've already purchased a vintage wedding hat at the Long Beach Vintage Flea Market over the weekend (blog to follow soon).

I hope you are all having a good start to the year as well. Plenty of more blogs to follow soon!
Till' Next Time,


  1. Congrats! The ring is very beautiful.
    I was planning to go to VLV this year also but my mom's b-day is a month before the event. I rather spend it with my mom this year since she's turning 50.

    1. Thank you! I think I'd opt out going as well if the dates conflicted with my mom's birthday celebrations as well.

  2. So much excitingness!!! First of all, huge congratulations on getting engaged!! My sweetie and I have been married for 13 years now and every year gets better ;-) it's so great to be married :-)
    Congrats on your new vintage selling endeavor too! Good luck!
    I went to Viva last year for the fist time and just went to the car show. We had a great time, so now we're going back for the whole shebang. I'm a little nervous, actually! Mostly because it's such a fashion show and I don't know if I can summon the energy to do full-on vintage hair, makeup & styling every day. I think it'll be super fun, though!!

    1. Thank you Dina!! Congrats to you on 13 years! I might save the vintage hair styles for the evening portions of the show. I just found out we were able to get a room at the Orleans due a cancellation by friends of ours. I'm stoked knowning I won't have to go far from the event to get ready or change outfits for the day. We should make a point to meet up!

  3. Good job on snagging the Orleans! We're at the Gold Coast for now, on the waiting list for the Orleans.
    We'll definitely have to meet up!

  4. Congratulations! So many wonderful things to look forward to!

    We are knocking about the idea of going to Viva this year since we'll be in Palm Springs the week before, but we're not sure yet. But if we do, we must met up!


    1. Thank you Janey! Oh I hope you two make it out to Viva! A meet up will be a must have indeed! :)