Friday, June 7, 2013

Thrift Blog: April - May 2013

I've combined April and May for this thrift blog as I didn't get much of anything in April as I was busy working 80 hour plus weeks the first two weeks for the ending of the tax season.  May was a fun month filled with lots of catching up with friends and family.  There is always a little pressure to want to see everyone right away but I know it's also important to make sure I have some time for myself to relax as well.  Dave and I are almost done and completely moved in.  We have few pieces of rogue boxes and furniture that we will either continue to hoard in our spare room or garner the courage to sell or donate.  I've always loved the saying "a messy house is a messy mind".  So the mess must be taken care of!

Wedding planning is also going smoothly.  We have just over a year now until the big day.  I feel like I'm so on top of everything that if we had to we could have everything ready for the wedding a few months from now truly wanted.  We have a few big decisions to make and then the rest are just minor details. let's dive into what I found these past few months already!

I love royal blue.  It's such a great color and I don't mind adding more pieces of it to my wardrobe when given the opportunity.  I bet this was a suit set.  I looked through the skirts but didn't find a matching piece.  There were no labels or signs of previous labels so I'm not sure how old this is.  Dave guessed 50's my guess 60's as it's a cable thick like material.

Aqua or sea foam green I've noticed are some pretty popular colors lately.  I couldn't pass on the choker or yet another additional bamboo bangle.  I actually passed up four bamboo bangles recently.  I'm pretty sure I currently have enough.

This 99 cent clutch was a sweet find.  I can't make out the logo for the life of me.  Any one have any clue what the brand is?

My grandma swept this up for me at a local rummage sale in her town.  The handles are Bakelite and there is a cute penguin pattern in the chrome.  Sorry the picture doesn't showcase the penguins better. This was a common ice bucket of it's time as my aunt has the same exact one and said she bought it as it reminded her of the one her grandmother had as well.  I actually walked into my aunt's house, spotted the bucket and assumed my grandma decided to give it to her instead.  Now we both have the same one!

Here is a sneak peak of Dave and my items merging together.  Dave sat his bar up against the dining room mirror wall and I must say that it works out perfectly (as most bars have a mirrored back).  The table set is an awesome addition as well. I was happy to get rid of my set to make room for his no problem.

I found the hand blown pink and aqua blue Christmas tree topper on the same outing when we found the bulk treasure of vintage ties (see previous blog).  My grandma actually gave me these bulbs in their original boxes.  I'm excited to do a pink and aqua blue themed tree this coming Christmas.  What  a great find Grandma!

This hat was recently passed down to me by my Aunt Carla.  She said it belonged to her late grandmother.  The netting is in perfect condition! No tears, rips, or holes. I'm however not sure what outfit I would pair this up with.  It will have to be for a special occasion.

Cute black velvet bow at the back!

I have been meaning to read Julie & Julia as I loved the film and I've heard that Bruce Campbell's books are a good read as well.  At 99 cents a piece these were a nice little score.  Don't forget to check out the book section of any thrift store: you never know what you might find.

At first glance I thought the basket was cute.  I then lifted the lid to find a mirror inside on one of the top flaps.  It was definitely going home with me.  I have used a few times all ready.  Such a fun piece! I was thinking I might dress it up with some plastic fruit or flowers.  Nice DIY project for the summer.

This is now my second vintage fur item to date.  I have a cream wool coat with mink collar purchased last year.  I have been wanting a vintage red coat and was truly excited to have come across this beauty.  Now I do not agree with the killing of animals for clothes, however my feelings towards vintage furs are a little more neutral.  I have no idea what animal this might have been.  Fox maybe??  There were no tags other than a Union made tag.

My very first Alfred Shaheen dress.  If you are not familiar with Alfred Shaheen's fabulous tropical hand painted clothing please click here.  I came across this dress on eBay about a month ago for a very reasonable price.  It fits me perfectly and I couldn't be prouder to own of piece of clothing history such is any Shaheen piece.  I may be debuting it at Tiki Oasis this year. 

Well that's it for now.  I'm already on a roll with my June finds which includes my very first velvet painting!  Any good finds for the past few months for you?
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  1. I LOVE Aqua. It looks great with tangerine!

    1. Awww I never thought of that color combo. Will keep that in mind when I am trying to match up the necklace :)

  2. Great finds! I especially love that Shaheen looks gorgeous on you! I think the label on that gold bag says "Bell Purses of Calif." but I'm not personally familiar with the brand. So many companies made similar bags!
    I've found some fun stuff lately...we took a jaunt up the central coast and there's some good vintage shopping up there! I think I'll be inspired by you and do a post about it :-)

    1. Thanks Dina! Looking forward to reading your blog.

  3. So many beautiful finds! I think the coat might be coyote fur.

    1. Thank you! Coyote fur! Very interesting.

  4. What a thrift haul!

    I didn't know you were a Bruce Campbell fan!! I have read both of his books multiple times. I'm downright in love with the man, and I don't know how I didn't faint when I met him a few months back. I'm sure you'll enjoy the book!


    1. It was actually your influence and love of that man that made me pick up the book in the first case :) I read the description, thumbed through the book, and it looked like a fun read. I'll have to keep my eyes out for his other book in the future :) Loved him in Bubba Ho-Tep ;)

  5. Good finds! I have the penguin ice bucket, too, and so do a few of my friends! :)