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Thrift Blog: October 2013

Seriously, where has this year gone?!?!  I can't believe I'm already onto my October thrift blog.  Well my enthusiasm for holding back on purchases was short lived for this month.  November and December will however be filled with less goodies to share as I will be primarily shopping for others.  I have however already found some nice vintage Christmas decorations; but that's for the next blog.  Let's dive into the finds for October.

So truthfully the first few items are spillage from September.  I was so high and mighty about how I wasn't going to do anymore shopping.  Well, I can place the blame on Dave as he was the one that put the idea of visiting nearby thrift stores in Anaheim when we were in town for Tiki Day at Disneyland.  Here's what I found!

Flower power Bermuda bag and pretty floral coin purse.

Vintage plastic cups and serving dish.

Set of brown Raffia glasses.

Hummingbird Couroc plate.

Now from here on are my true finds for October.  The following were items I found at Koby's swap meet located here in San Diego every Saturday and Sunday at the Sports Arena.

Bamboo bangles and plastic striped bangle.

Wooden parrot and fruit cocktail necklace.

Vintage lipstick holder.  This cost me a measly 25 cents!

My friend was the first to see this kitty but I knew she was coming home with me.

The next set of pictures are from one day of thrifting at two stores here in San Diego.  I know I have stated it in the past but October is my absolute favorite time to shop at thrift stores and most stores have merchandise they hold for a year to only be put out leading up to Halloween.  These were some of my "Halloween Costume" finds.

I spotted this 60's or 70's vintage jumpsuit and couldn't believe my eyes.  What colors!! And it fit like a T!

Dave spotted this Uni-MaiKai men's shirt with a sticker price of only $5.  He decided that it wasn't his style.

No worries, I decided I would make it my style.

I knew this Rockmount Ranch Wear skirt would not fit me, but that didn't stop me from buying it.  I simply gifted it to a friend of mine who was delighted with my find.  Bummer it didn't fit but I'm more than happy to share the wealth of finds when I know they will fit my other vintage loving friends.

This was the only Halloween sweater I came across that didn't shout school teacher.  It's a Tally Ho Halloween sweater!  

I thought this book would be a fun read.

I was so happy to find this little sparkly cactus shaped bolo tie.  It went perfectly with my squaw dress which I wore out recently.

This however was the best for the price find that day.  This is exactly how we came across it.  It was sold as a set.  At first glance it looked like a shirt dress combination that was popular in the 90's but I knew otherwise with that print.  Sure enough, after a little inspection at the label inside and realizing that the buttons are as they would be for a men's shirt, I was happy to come to the realization that his is a honeymooners Hawaiian set!  We bought the set for a total of $6!!

What a find!

Someone must have donated their ash tray collection as we came across about 15 or more of them at this particular store.  I went through them and picked out these four to take home with me at just 65 cents a piece.  They were all in perfect never before used condition.

This is an original ash tray from the Golden Nugget located in Las Vegas.  Talk about old Vegas!

The Mint was another original old Vegas casino of it's day.

The Madonna Inn is a definitely a favorite hotel of mine.  I haven't stayed there yet but have visited on several occasions when driving by in the past with my family.  This place is definitely on my bucket list.

This however is my favorite ash tray as its from the Bali Hai, my favorite San Diego restaurant, which is where Dave proposed to me.

I found this little lady at an Estate sale last month.  I knew she had to be mine the second I saw her.

This was a find that I actually had to sleep on before purchasing.  I came across it at a local thrift store and loved it immediately.  Dave wasn't the biggest fan of it and told me to sleep on it.  The very next morning I told him I was driving back to get it with or without him.  I think the reason why I love it so much is because it reminds me of Disneyland.  It's like a cross between The Haunted Mansion and Pirates.  I plan on having a friend of mine paint a pirate flag on the ship on the left in the near future.  I couldn't find anything on the artist "Rori".  I've seen many ship paintings but never a gloomy green one like this!

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