Monday, November 25, 2013

Rock Around the Park 2013

Earlier this month Dave and I attended the 6th Annual Rock Around the Park gathering at Disneyland.  We had a great day at the park, met up with some friends, met some new ones, and generally enjoyed the day dressed up at Disneyland (is there really any other way to attend the park?).

We gathered for the annual group photo and met Sean the organizer of the event.  Awesome guy and truly inspiring that they are now in their 6th year of the annual event!

I unfortunately was off my game on taking photos so I had to pull together photos I was able to find online of Dave and myself at the event.  I wore my blue felt dancing Mickey and Minnie circle skirt. This was an amazing thrift find from the previous month.  I got several nice compliments and had so much fun wearing this at the park.  Here we are sitting at the Mark Twain boat loading area. 

 I think the initial plan was to ride the Mark Twain but it turned out that the Columbia pulled up when everyone was ready to ride.  It was a packed boat!

We were so happy to be able to spend our day at the park with our friends Natalie, Gabriela, and Juan.  It was Gabriela's birthday as well!  These peeps are too cool.

We ate lunch at the Thunder Mountain BBQ Ranch for the first time and were very much impressed.  The food was good and the cost wasn't too shabby for an all you can eat restaurant.  We were surprised to find that Denny aka King Kukulele performs as Tex Tumbleweed at this restaurant.  We were sure to say hi!  Sorry no pictures.  Again I was totally off my game.  Making your reservation early is the best idea if you plan on eating here and I totally recommend you try it at least once.

Natalie beat my butt at Astro Blasters.  I love this ride!

Dave double gunned it. You can tell which arm is his better shooting arm based on his scores.

I changed into some comfy clothes once the sun went down.  I'm so glad I brought an extra set of clothes as it got really chilly.  I was lucky enough to win this men's Cat's Like Us Shirt.  It has become a favorite pajama top!  Be sure to check out their cute clothes here.

Below is the last picture of the night taken by Paul of Rydell Relics while we were listening to the Beatles cover band that was playing at the Tomorrowland Terrace.  They were really good!  So glad we got to meet Paul!

Looking forward to next year's meet up as always!

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  1. You look so adorable! I adore that skirt! And I do that too - bring a change of clothes, because seriously, it does get chilly! Especially along the waterfront!


    1. Thank you Janey! Such a fun skirt to wear to the park!

  2. Your skirt is gorgeous! I see you found it in a thrift store - great find!

    1. Thank you! I did a little research and found that the original pattern was from an 80's Mickey Mouse themed Halloween 50's costume pattern. I was so stoked about the find and couldn't believe my luck!