Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thrift Blog: November 2013 Jewelry

I know I'm later than normal with my November thrift blogs this month.  To be truthfully honest, it's because I bought way too much stuff and have had to break them down into three separate blogs.  This, being the first, is an accumulation of gifts and purchases I made of vintage jewelry this last month. Let's dive in, shall we.

My cousin Sarah recently gifted me these first five beautiful items.  They belonged to her grandmother and she felt they would be going to a good home by passing them onto me.  They are of the Florenza brand (which was produced between 1941 and 1981).  We believe that these pieces are from the 1950's if not earlier.  I've worn the pieces already on several occasions.

This is a black glass bead choker which I believe could be from the 1920s-1930s.

I love rhinestone anything to be perfectly honest.  This picture doesn't capture their sparkle.

Dave and I were at a local thrift store and ran into my friend Belinda.  She was actually at the store shopping for some clothing items to be worn at our engagement party.  With that being said these probably should have been part of the October thrift blog.  Anyways....Belinda approached me when I was in line to show me this vintage Disney earring and broach set.  She thought I might be interested in it.  Of course I was!  I've worn the broach on every trip to the park since.  I'm weary of wearing the earrings for a long day at the park as I have the worst luck with losing earrings.  I would be heart broken if I were to lose these.

These were my very beautiful anniversary gift from Dave.  He knows my taste so well!

I bought this Weiss rhinestone necklace for a measly $2.  It's in pristine shape.  The rhinestones are all intact and there is no off coloring of the stones. 

I bought this chunky celluloid bracelet while I was in Los Angeles for my first wedding dress fitting.  I had an hour to spare so guess what I did.....went thrift store shopping.

Dave and I discovered a new to us local thrift store and to say I went a little crazy rummaging through that store is really an understatement.  Here are my jewelry finds from my first trip to the store.  I believe I spent less than $5 total on all on the below items.

More thrift blogs to follow soon.

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  1. Oh my! So many delightful pieces! The Mickey set is fabulous!


  2. Wow, your vintage jewelry is stunning! My favorite are those ruby earrings, just gorgeous.

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