Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fanny and the Atta Boys

November was a fun month and once again I'm in shock how close we are to the closing of the year.  Dave and I had some fun nights out with friends this month.  We made it to a performance by one of our local favorites The Palominos who were performing at The Riviera Supper Club.

They never fail to put on a good show.  They played some of my favs as well as some new songs.  Their latest album goes on sale soon and I couldn't be happier to support these guys!

Be sure to check out their band facebook page here.

Here's a better look at my outfit that night.  I finally got to wear my squaw dress which I purchased at Viva this last March.  I paired it up with my nickel leather tooled belt and cactus bolo.  I loved this outfit so much that I wore it again a couple weeks later for Thanksgiving with my family.

We also had finally had the chance to see Jason Lee perform with the Black Tides at the Black Cat Bar.  This place was too cool as they have a house cat that roams around the place.  Jason was amazing.  Think surf guitar exotica.  I hope to see them perform again real soon! 

Now I come to point of this blog!  Dave and I had the chance to check out a new band in town, Fanny and the Atta Boys.  They are fantastic to say the least!  Lead guitar is our friend Natt, Dave's former band buddy.  This was not only the celebration of the bass player Eddie's birthday, but also their band debut.  

Fanny is an excellent singer and has the type of voice that conjures up similarities to such artists as Patsy Cline, June Carter, and Brenda Lee. She could sure belt them out!

Dave and I are hoping they will be available come June to possibly play at our wedding.  We would truly be honored to have them be a part of our big day.

Please be sure to check our their facebook page here.  They are playing their next show here in San Diego tomorrow, Wednesday night (December the 4th), at the Shakedown Bar at 9pm.  If you are local and available come on down and check them out!

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  1. You're so adorable in your squaw dress!! And that band sure sounds like a lot of fun!