Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thrift Blog: January 2014

Well January has come and gone and we are already almost half way through February.  Where is the time going? Here are my thrift finds for January.

We came across several of these stained glass handmade picture frames.  They even have the artist's name and phone number on the back.  This red one was my favorite.  The original sales tag was actually still attached the back showing an original price of $30.  I bought it for $2.

I bought this bowl thinking it might be from the depression era.  There are however no seams or markings and I wasn't able to find anything else like it online.  It will make for a nice addition to my ever growing "candy dish" collection whether or not it's real.

This is the closest I came to finding anything tiki in the thrift stores in Palm Springs last month.  It's solid wood, badly carved, with shell accessories.  I thought it was a pretty funny buy for $0.25.

Dave was the one that spotted this lovely ash tray which will be used as a candy dish during the fall months.

I came across a few yards of the same material that I reupholstered my vanity chair with a few months back.  It was a much cheaper buy than what I paid at the fabric store.  I thought these would be great for making a tote bag or possibly kitchen curtains.

I was extremely excited to find this barcloth Christmas themed table runner.  The metal designs match the ones that are out on our patio.

There was a bunch of cross stitch projects that someone donated.  This was my favorite of them all.  I plan on framing it and placing it somewhere near the front door.

I've never seen a Christmas themed drink tray like this.  Had to have it for just $2.

Dave and I were finally able to attend a San Diego Vintage Flea Market event.  I spotted a ton of great items, including a shirt dress that fits like it was made for me (not pictured here sorry).  I had to buy this book written about Hawaii in the late 1960's.

These were my broach finds for at the flea market.  The shrunken head was too good to be true!

Below are some beautiful broaches my grandma recently sent me.  I love the green butterfly but the blue duck is definitely my favorite.  Too cute!

I found this lovely blue and white pleated skirt.  Can't wait to match up some great outfits with it in mind.

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  1. Although that *could* be a shrunken head--you know if you glue on some thread through its lips for example its actually an African tribal head. I have one pretty identical but its painted with tribal markings (aka dots and dashes)

    Close enough that with a few modifications you could "shrink" it :)