Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Disneyland: A Whitman Giant Tell-A-Tale Book

If you follow me on instagram (thesweetiesuz) then you saw the amazing Disneyland book my grandma picked up for me at her church's annual rummage sale.  The book was published by Whitman Publishing Company in 1964 and was illustrated by Fred Wellman.

This book is full of amazing vintage photos of the park and it's guests in the 1960's.

This lady is on a mission!  I love that people thought to dress up for a day at the park.  Comfort wasn't necessarily the prerogative. Case in point; her shoes which seem to have a little bit of a heel and her adorable twin daughters!

These kiddos are too cool in their western wear outfits gun holster, gun and all!

The picture perfect family photo! I'll remember to do something like this in the future for a family Christmas card photo.

I spy a hint of tiki in this photo and two awesome Tom Sawyer's Island straw hats!

Of course this photo deserves a close up!

Men in suits, women in heels, children dressed up!

This is definitely one of my favorite photos from the book, of course.  The lighting, the hostess with the mostess, the well tailored guests. What's not to love?

This photo was taken of the Haunted Mansion before it was even open to the public.  For years it sat and gathered rumors in the process of what was to come. The attraction would not open to the public until August 9, 1969.

This is another favorite page out of the book.  This I'm guessing was the inspiration for Shag's own interpretation of a Disneyland park map. (see his version here)

That's all they wrote folks! Do you have any treasured vintage Disneyland items?  What are they?

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