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Mabelle's Retro Roundup: Interview and Customer Review

Several blogs back (I'm talking like three years ago) I thrifted this fantastic red rose vintage fabric. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't purchase the sister blue rose version of this fabric that I found the same day.  I should have bought both!!!  I had plans to take the time to either find a good seamstress to make a circle skirt out of the material or to attempt it myself.  I struggled for years to find someone that would make the skirt within my financial means and I never did get around to buying a good sewing machine or perfecting my sewing skills.

Then about a month ago during the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender I found what I was looking for.  I had stumbled across an Instagram post by Mabellesretroroundup.  It mentioned that she made circle skirts and she was definitely affordable and in my price range.  Her skirts start in price at $35.  I immediately contacted the business owner, Michelle, and asked if she did custom orders with the fabric provided.  She said yes and I quickly sent her my vintage fabric.  She was so quick in making the skirt and had it sent back to me in less than ten days!  Her work is beautiful and I was so happy with the outcome.

 I wanted to make sure I spread the word about her fantastic business so below is a little interview I did with Michelle.

Suz - How did your sewing business venture come about?

Michelle - My business began simply as a hobby.  I absolutely adore vintage clothing, specifically vintage/vintage-inspired skirts, but finding them in my size and price range was proving difficult.  I decided to teach myself how to sew so I that I may be able to make the clothing I wanted.  From there a friend wanted one made for herself, then another, and another, and before I knew it, it had become clear that it was time to make an official clothing business so that I could make these skirts available to everyone.  Mabelle's Retro Roundup officially started carrying skirts February 2014.

Suz - What makes Mabelle's Retro Roundup stand out from the crowd?

Michelle - Mabelle's Retro Roundup focuses on its customers' needs, allowing them to customize their skirts at an affordable price.  You can purchase a handmade skirt that fits specifically for your personality and body, plus in the fabric of your choice.  You can add a sash, pockets, decorative stitch, pom poms, and much much more.  My skirts are made with an elastic band for comfort, but it's hidden enough to give the illusion of a fitted skirt.

Suz - What attracts you to vintage style?

Michelle - It seems I've always been attracted to mid-century living and the lifestyle for as long as I can remember.  I enjoyed looking through my grandmother's photos when she was in her twenties and wished I could dress the way she did.  When I was sixteen I discovered rockabilly music which then opened the door to vintage clothing.  I've been appreciating and enjoying the retro lifestyle ever since.

Suz - Aside from amazing circle skirts, what other sewing projects are you available to offer?

Michelle - This year I introduced full gathered skirts which are perfect for fabrics that have vertical designs.  The most popular gathered skirt is the black and white stripped skirt.  I will also be making hair scarves and bandannas available later this summer.

Suz - What are your future aspirations or goals for your business?

Michelle - To be honest, I've already exceeded my initial goal.  I am so blessed and humbled that my hobby is now something bigger and it continues to grow.

Here I am in my newest favorite circle skirt!!  I absolutely love it!

I've already started searching out other fabrics and have thrifted the fabrics seen in the photo below.  The ice cream fabric was a score of a find for $5.00 for three yards of fabric!  I can't wait to have Michelle work her magic on these!

You can contact Michelle by email at  Don't forget to add her on Instagram (Mabellesretroroundup) and on Facebook (here) to get a sneak peek at her fabulous skirts!

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