Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weekend Thrifting

Dave and I are both cutting back on our thrifting outings and have both agreed that we will only partake in our obsession on the weekends (excluding holidays of course).  We ventured back to the Koby swap meet on Sunday morning.  Our trip, however, was short as I had no attention span having locked my keys in my apartment upon leaving.  I wasn't able to contact my landlord, so after an agonizing four hours, I broke down, contacted AAA and got a recommendation for a lock smith in my area.  $95 later I was back in my home.  However, I was able to focus at the swap meet for a few minutes enough to take notice of these few treasures that I purchased.

It was actually Dave who spotted this teak kitty to add to my growing "family" of the mid century decorations.  At $3, it was a quick and easy purchase.

I have learned after doing this for a while that you always ask for the price! I have been shocked to find how cheaply things are sold for despite my high pricing expectations.  The gold lame' purse was priced at $2.  SOLD!!

We later hit up a Salvation Army in Chula Vista and walked away, yet again, with some lovely goodies.  Dave spotted the Tex Ritter 78" set and I spotted the vintage Japanese children's record set. Unfortunately I made the grave error of not examining the records and two of the three children's records were broken.  Lesson learned.

I fell instantly for these Oklahoma and Texas cowboy and Indian themed glasses.  

I have been needing a good set of mixing bowls and these vintage bowls were the perfect match.  Great buy at just $5 for all of them.  They show no wear and look practically brand new.

I bought this off the shoulder navy Mexican styled dress at AmVets and couldn't be happier with the find.  I will be sure to include photos of me wearing the outfit in the near future.

Here are some jewelry finds.  I could have sworn the bracelet was Bakelite but the simichrome test assured me it is in fact not.  It has no mold seams and has the heavy weight of a Bakelite bracelet.  I still love the piece regardless.

Dave and I had a great July 4th.  We did thrift for a little bit (finding some fantastic finds) and spent the remainder of the day relaxing at a friend's house having some yummy burgers, pie, mojitos, and watched some quick but epic fireworks (Google Big Bay Boom 2012 Fail in San Diego if you are interested).  I will post that blog sometime later in the week.

Till next time,



  1. Hi!
    You know, I think your bracelet could still possibly be Bakelite. If someone polished it really heavily, in the recent past, and took off all the patina, it could test negative even if it is in fact Bakelite. Does is smell like Bakelite if you run it under really hot water? Sometimes that's a more accurate test.

  2. I did the smell test and did notice an odd chemical smell but just don't have enough experience to know if it's just me having a placebo reaction (hoping it's really Bakelite) or if it is truly the real deal! I'll get a second opinion soon from a nearby vintage store owner. Thanks for the info!

  3. TEAK!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a find!
    Man I need to go thrifting with you two!

  4. Fantastic finds! I especially like the shiny handbag and that great pair of classic red accessories.

    ♥ Jessica